A Cup of Complicated: Chapter Twenty Eight


After months of not having a romp quite like the one we had last night, to say I was exhausted would be an understatement.  My god, I never want another man.  I couldn’t even imagine anyone ever comparing to him.  There is no real rush like that of continuous mind blowing orgasms. I may never know what his lovemaking was like when he wasn’t paralyzed but honestly, I can’t imagine it was anything close to what he’s like now.  Imagine if you will your deepest desires about a sexual experience and then multiply that by 100 and you may begin to come close to what we have.  There is no lack of anything.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never loved someone nearly this much or been loved like this.  I’ll never know I guess.  Sitting here at my desk in some sort of sex hangover I’m aware that I’m not getting much done.  Sure I’m answering the phones and taking the messages, but the filing that is piling up and the mail that is just sitting on the corner of the counter is not getting done.  

“You have no idea what you are in for tonight, Cupcake…” he said before racing towards me, lust in his eyes.

The way his hands felt along my body, gentle and strong in the same stroke, not too mention the way that our bodies just fit together, ugh, I need to get something done.

“Thank you for calling Platt and Associates, how may I direct your call?” I ask, not even realizing that the phone never rang, and instead, the voice is coming from in front of me.

“I really hope what has you so distracted is thoughts of last night,” he drawls out slowly, with a lazy smile.

“Huh? Oh my god, Elliot, what are you doing here?” I ask turning about twelve shades of red when I realize that the voice is his.

“I came to see if you wanted to grab lunch?” he asks, his smile growing.

“I think I could do that, how long do you have?” I ask, fanning myself.

“I’m free for the rest of the afternoon, slow day at the office…” he answers doing a little weight shift.

“Give me twenty minutes then, I really need to sort the mail and put these files away.  For some reason I’ve been a little preoccupied this morning,” I say shyly, thanking everything holy that it was him in front of me and not someone else.

“I’ll wait outside…” he says before turning quick, giving me the satisfaction of watching his exit.

I hurry to get what’s been piling up done and set the phones to auto before I dash around and tell Carrie I’m heading out for lunch. She usually keeps an eye on things if I do end up leaving, so I try to give her a heads up when I do.

“Ah, going anywhere good?” she asks.

“Not sure, he surprised me…” I say as I strut away.

“Enjoy!” I hear before I’m out of earshot.

“That was a quick twenty minutes,” Elliot says when I snake my arms around his neck.

“I had really good motivation…” I breathe into his ear.

“Keep breathing in my ear and we will have a repeat of last night right here on the sidewalk,” he says reaching out to grab my ass playfully.

Our lunch isn’t nearly long enough for my liking and the fact that I ultimately have to return to work is a bummer.  He takes me back and before I get out of the truck he leaves me with a soft gentle kiss that will hopefully be enough to get me through the rest of the afternoon.


I’m going to do it tonight. I think as I’m driving home from having lunch with her.  I can’t imagine another day without asking her to be my wife. Now I just need to decide how I’m going to do it. I stop by my parent’s house, knowing my mother will be home, I want to let her in on the secret.

“Ma, where are you?” I call out as I cross the threshold of the front door, my nose assaulted by the rich scent of apples and cinnamon.

“Elliot? What are you doing here?” she asks coming out of the kitchen.

“I had a light patient day and I have something I want to talk to you about, is that apple cobbler?” I ask as she hugs me.

“Sure is, what’s up kid?” she asks, looking at me strangely.

“Nothing is wrong, don’t worry,” I try to assure her.

“You don’t just stop over Elliot… something is up,” she says.

“Is it done? Or close to being done?” I ask wheeling past her.

“Yes, but you aren’t getting one bite until you spill whatever it is that has you acting strange,” she says following me back into the kitchen.

“Okay, okay.  Sit down, though?” I ask motioning to the table.

Reluctantly she sits down, I can only imagine what she thinks this conversation is going to be about.  I’ve put her through some bad shit in my time, this, on the other hand, is probably something over the last few years she never thought would happen.  I’m nearly bursting at the seams and she can tell.  I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with spitting it out, though.

“So, you guys like Taylor, right?” I ask rubbing my thigh.

“Yes, very much Elliot.  You didn’t break up with her did you, what did you do?” she says, worry written all over her face.

“No, no. Nothing like that Ma. I… I am going to propose to her tonight…” I manage to finally get out the words.

I watch as her worry disappears and in it’s place tears form in her eyes, and her smile appears.  It’s funny the things that trigger memories, you know.  I mean there are so many things that I remember about my accident, and about my life, but this smile, for some reason flashes me back to first waking up in the hospital.  Even though my dad and brother are physicians I don’t think anyone could have told my mother I was fine until she saw it herself.  The first thing I remember after waking up was seeing her smile, her head hovering over me, tears in her eyes.  How far I’ve come from that day.

“Oh, Elliot… I’m so happy for you!” she nearly squeals with joy, and then launches herself at me.

“You don’t think it’s too soon, I mean I’ve wanted to for a long time now… but with everything that’s been going on, I just… I can’t lose her, Ma,” I say while still in her embrace.

“El, I don’t think it’s too soon.  I think the timing is just right…” she says softly, pulling back.

“I wanted you to be the first to know. I know you spent a lot of time with her and I thought you would be a good judge of timing,” I ask, seeking reassurance.

“Elliot, I don’t think you realize just how much that sweet girl cares for you. Sure she’s been through the wringer, and look she’s come out on the other side.  You two were made for each other.  I knew she was the one the first time I met her, hell kid, even before that.  She did something to you that no one else could,” she says, the tears flowing still.

“You know I never meant to push you away right? I mean I, I just didn’t know how to do this…” I say motioning to my chair.

“I told you once before that you didn’t have to apologize to me, I knew you’d find yourself eventually, Elliot.  It’s not in you to give up, after all you are my son,” she says, placing her hand over mine.

“She’s the love of my life, Ma…” I say thinking about Taylor.

“I know she is, and I think she is ready to move forward with you.  After everything that’s happened to her you have been this bright spot in her life, a steady heart to hold hers when she needed that most,” she says squeezing my hand before standing and going over to the stove.

“Thanks, Ma…” I say quietly.

“If you want some of this you better get the ice cream out, it’s still warm…” she says holding it up with the oven mitts for me to see.

Every few weeks growing up she’d make one of our favorite desserts.  Apple cobbler was always my favorite, and even though she normally wouldn’t let us eat it before dinner this was the only one she’d make an exception for.  She knew I liked it still warm and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.  I reached into the freezer and got the ice cream as she scooped some into a bowl for me.  Adding the ice cream myself I placed it in my lap and headed back to the table.

“What made you make this today?” I asked with a mouthful.

“Couldn’t tell ya, just felt like making it. Please tell me you don’t talk with your mouth full in front of Taylor, I mean I taught you better than that…” she jokes with a look of mock disgust.

I make it a point to eat as loudly and obnoxiously as possible until the bowl is empty just to irritate her. I’m still her kid, and well that’s what kids do.

“Honestly Elliot, you are ridiculous!” she says, exasperated at my actions.

With a cuff to the back of the head, she gets up and takes our dishes to the sink.

“Geez, child abuse…” I say laughing while I rub the back of my head.

“You asked for it, doing that on purpose like you are five years old…” she says over her shoulder at me.

“Do you think I should ask Dave for his permission?” I ask.

“I don’t know, do you feel like you should?” she asks.

“I kind of feel like I should, or at least tell him I’m going to do it.  I don’t know… I mean I feel like if the situation were reversed I’d want someone to ask me,” I answer, just as my phone starts ringing.

“Hello?” I answer.

“No Ethan, I can’t tonight…I can ask mom, though, she’s right here,” I decline my brothers request to babysit Emerson.

“No, nothing is wrong… I just stopped over to see her, there was apple cobbler…” I say, just to irritate him.

“Ma, can you watch Emerson tonight? Ethan and Becca want to go out for the evening,” I ask her.

“Tell him that’s fine, just drop her off…” she says.

I finish with Ethan on the phone and say my goodbyes to my mother, but not before I convince her to pack me a doggy bag. I’m just transferring out of the truck at Dave’s when my phone rings again.  By the time I’m in my chair it stops ringing.  Pulling the phone out of my jacket pocket I see Taylor’s number on the screen.  Debating on whether or not to call her before I go I decide against it.  I wheel into the bar and the nerves start, it’s like I’m a sixteen-year-old kid trying to meet the father of my first girlfriend as I approach the bar.

“Elliot, what brings you in? Is everything okay with Tay?” he asks.

“Everything is fine, she’s at work, no worries. I actually wanted to talk to you if you have a few minutes?” I reassure him.

“Sure, just let me grab Josh out of the freezer, be right back,” he answers.

While I’m waiting, the chime of a text message almost makes me jump.  Taylor’s face appears in the little icon beside her message,

Are you taking a nap? I tried to call you, nothing is wrong I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be a little late tonight.  A few of the girls want to go to happy hour.

I laugh a little at her timing.  If she only knew.  I see Josh and he gives me a nod as he passes.  
“Alright, Elliot, come on back to my office,” Dave says waving me back past the bar.

“Thanks for giving me a few minutes, it won’t take long,” I say, wishing the nerves would pass.

“No problem, you guys should call us some time, we could all go out for dinner or something.  I know the past few months have been crazy, and I really appreciate all you and your family did for Taylor…” he says as he sits down.

“I would do anything for her, I hope you know that… that’s kind of why I’m here. I wanted to… I mean I wanted to tell you I’m going to propose to her tonight…” I say quickly.

“Oh, wow… wow.  That’s great Elliot! You didn’t have to come to me, though, I’m honored you did, but it wasn’t necessary.” he says coming over and shaking my hand.

“I just didn’t want to offend you, I know she’s had it rough and I want to do this right,” I say, feeling all the nerves disappear.

“I know you’ll take care of her Elliot, you are the best thing that’s ever happened to her, you know…” he says with a smile, “I was a little skeptical at first, knowing your reputation, but when I saw how alive she was with you, how happy you made her, I couldn’t have asked for a better guy for my little sister,” he says.

When I get back in the truck I shoot off a text to Taylor,

Sorry, I missed your call cupcake, I’ve been running some errands.  I’ll be home after the gym probably around 8, hopefully, you aren’t much later than that, I don’t want to be passed out before you get there.


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