A Thousand Sweet Kisses: Chapter Eight

Food is one of our most favorite things, and bittersweet goodbyes our least…

Ohh, her body is on fire… it feels so good, she can’t figure out why, but there is heat, hot pleasurable heat, surging through her… She moans, and her body bows toward him, while his hands drag down over her breasts and stomach. His mouth is drinking greedy kisses from hers. They’re both breathless and aching. Sherry can feel her leg thrown over his hip pulling him into her body closer. She feels drunk, completely intoxicated. She forces her eyes open, but instead of seeing his eyes burning with blue fire, she just sees, her bedroom.

Sherry lets out a ragged breath, feeling her pulse returning to its normal rhythm she sits up in bed, hands fisting in the blanket. The harsh cruelty of morning and the lack of Ben beside her is a blow. She tries to ignore the ache in her body, the ache he woke up yesterday with so many delicious kisses. Beautiful sexy man, reminding me I’m a woman with needs! I need to remember to buy batteries in the next day or two, ugh, eight am, I’m going to have to get moving… shame I wouldn’t mind lingering with that dream…. BUY BATTERIES! She yells at herself, leaping out of bed heading for the shower, a cool one.


She’s waiting on the curb when he pulls up. She looks fresh as a daisy, in little denim capri pants, and an embroidered shirt. Her hair isn’t down today; it’s twisted up on her head, all cute and sassy. He can almost imagine there’s a flower tucked in it somewhere. Sure enough, when she turns her head and catches sight of him, he sees a daisy tucked in the twists of her hair. She looks like sunshine from the top of her head to the tips of her Tiek hugged toes. When she spots his car she lights up with a smile.

“Yup, she’s my sunshine.” Ben pulls up to the curb.

Sherry steps up to the passenger side and climbs into the seat. She looks around puzzled, “I don’t know if I can kiss you like this,” she says.

“Probably not without some Chinese contortion and fancy yoga.”

She tries and manages to get close enough for a sweet little peck on his cheek. She breathes him in, enjoying him for just a minute. She leans in as far and as close as she can, he turns his head toward her and they manage a soft fluttery little kiss, just a tease really.

“Good Morning Ben.”

“Good Morning, Sunshine.”

Sherry settles into the seat and buckles in.

“Did you have a good night?”

“I did, did you?” Sherry asks, looking outside to hide her blush, shifting in her seat a bit.

“Yes I did, I was eager to see you again, though,” Ben grins and glances her way. “What do you want to do first? Pick up your car? Grab breakfast?” he turns onto the highway.

“I haven’t had coffee yet…I’m crossing my fingers the car is ok, but I’d really like coffee.”

“Uh oh, no coffee yet? Should I take the next exit, there’s a Starbucks, we can get coffee STAT!”

“I think I’ll be ok, I’ll take a few deep breaths and hold on tight.”

“I knew you were a strong one. I was thinking of going to Meg’s, ever been?” Ben asks, carefully changing lanes.

“You had me at breakfast, I LOVE going out for breakfast.”

“Well, then, prepare your taste buds ma’am; you’re in for a treat.”


“I have to try the eggs benedict! It’s my most favorite breakfast ever,” Sherry says, looking over the menu.

“My parents almost named me Benedict, after my Dad’s rich uncle. I think my dad was vying for an inheritance. Thankfully, my mom had the sense to talk him into just Ben.”

“That is, funny, my favorite actor’s name is Benedict,” Sherry squeezes his hand once again, enjoying the way it feels against hers. I don’t mind he doesn’t squeeze back, and the textures are so intriguing. She traces her fingertips over the hard calluses from pushing his chair. She gently nudges the base of his fingers where the skin is softer. She observes every unique feature of his hand, the way his fingers curl in towards his palm. That’d be the perfect place for tucking kisses, a secret spot just for me… Sherry thinks to herself. She looks over and enjoys the unique wonderful thing that is Ben’s hand, she’s reminded of her dream and all the heat she woke up with this morning. She lets out a shuddering breath.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine, just waking up. What are you going to have?” Sherry finds herself trying to come back to earth, squeezing his hand again. Stop thinking about his hands touching you all over, Silly! Stop touching his hands period, it’s just making it worse…. Imagining how they’d feel, where they’d touch…STOP!!

“Ohh man, it’s my favorite thing here,” Ben gestures to the menu with his hand. “They take a ham steak and grill it with pineapples slices, add scrambled eggs and home fries, it’s the recipe for a happy Ben!”

Sherry takes a long drink of her coffee, enjoying the rich aroma and nuttiness of it. Putting it down she notices she needs a refill soon. As if summoned by her thought the bubbly waitress appears. I’m glad she’s had her coffee…  

The perky young woman makes small talk and tops off their coffee. She’s soon taking their order and buzzing off, like a busy little worker bee.

Sherry continues holding Ben’s hand and staring dreamily at him. She watches him drink his coffee and stare back at her. The awkwardness is gone and they’re just enjoying each other’s company. It’s been an exciting three days, the future looks even brighter.

Ben grins, “Why are you looking at me with stars in your eyes, Sunshine?”

She squeezes his hand. “I’m just enjoying the view…attractive male company is not something I’ve enjoyed in a long time.” Sherry confesses, kicking her shoes off under the table to play footsies with him.  

“Ohh, am I as easy to look at as you are?”

“Easier, can’t imagine anyone wanting to look at me for very long.”

“I promise you, you’re very easy to look at Sherry, and I bet you’ve been looked at more than you realize. As for your lack of male company, I’m so happy to be of service,” Ben nods his head, gallantly.


“I’ll take your word for it Ben. I’m sure you’re more accustomed to female company than I am to male company.”

“I would be lying if I didn’t confess, I have spent a fair bit of time in the company of females, however, it’s been some time.”

“Me too,” Sherry acknowledges, with understanding. She caresses his hand affectionately. “I’ve enjoyed this weekend so very, very much Ben. Meeting you and spending time with you, it’s all been wonderful.”

FUCK is she’s going to say but? She’s going to say but and brush me off… Please, please, don’t let her brush me off. It has been wonderful, Oh, Sherry I’m worth it please give me a chance? Ben panics and pleads. Be honest, ugh suck it up and be vulnerable if you have to, beautiful women don’t fall in your lap every day anymore.

They both open their mouths to speak at the same time. Sherry bows her head, letting Ben talk.

“It’s been amazing spending this weekend with you Sherry. I’m not a player anymore, I probably still would be, but life changes and I’m glad I’m not that guy anymore. I’m better today than I was then.”

“Oh Ben, I don’t judge you for your past, not anymore than I think you would judge mine.” Sherry offers, squeezing his hand. “I’m excited Ben, excited to explore, and excited to enjoy getting to know you. I’m excited to just see where we go, if you want to go?”

Ben sandwiches her hand in his, “I very much want to go, Sherry, I’ve never clicked with anyone this way, or this quickly before. I’m genuinely interested in getting to know you, spending time with you, and just seeing where we go, the same as you? I can’t believe we’ve seen each other every day for the last 3 days!” He says, enjoying the way her hand looks in his.

“I know and it feels so easy and natural, right? It’s weird,” Sherry says, with a cute crinkle in her nose.

“It is easy, natural, and weird. I’d kiss you if the table wasn’t in the way.”

Sherry leans down toward the table and tucks a kiss in the palm of his hand. Her sweetness and innocence just floors me sometimes… I so want to be worthy of her.

The waitress breaks up their deep moment, arriving with food.

“Meg’s glorified ham and eggs for you, Sir, and Eggs Benny for the lady,” she says, leaving their plates and filling their coffee.

“Ohh, it looks delicious Ben,” Sherry exclaims, grabbing her fork and knife. “You’re sharing a bite of that too buster, don’t think you’re not.” Sherry says enthusiastically, pointing at Ben’s plate with her fork.

I forgot to ask if they could cut it up for me… I knew I would have to ask her for help at some point but, ugh, so soon. Face it though, if she’s not willing to help with this she’s probably not going to be open to other things and isn’t it better to know now? Help is normal Ben, help is part of your life, you don’t have trouble asking strangers to hold doors or fetch things off high shelves, this is just another thing. She likes you; she’s surprised you at every turn so far… Have a little more faith in her!  

“You have to share a bite of yours too… Eggs Ben, it’s hilarious that’s your favorite, like the universe is trying to tell you something about Ben’s hmm…” he says with a wink. “So, Sherry, two questions… First, Can I have a kiss?” he asks, putting on his sweetest, pleading face.

“A kiss? You want me to come around this table and kiss you?” Sherry asks, nodding, watching him nod back, with his sweet puppy dog face. “Well, Ben, all you ever have to do is ask.” Sherry comes around the table and leans in for a kiss, squeezing his shoulder while she does. “What’s your second question Ben,” she whispers against his mouth.

I’ve wondered how this would work, could work… but it’s working. It’s amazing to kiss her, to hold her. Ben thinks to himself, lingering in the moment enjoying their kiss. I don’t want to let her go, yet not knowing when I’ll see her again after today. Darn, busy, end of school year garbage!

“Well, now I know you’re not ashamed or afraid of public displays of affection,” he stammers. You’re stalling; just rip off the band-aid man! “Usually, when I order something that requires a fork and knife, I ask if they can cut it in the kitchen. Today, my only excuse was I was distracted by my beautiful company. Would you mind terribly?” Ben asks, adding some extra charm to his smile.

“Oh, Ben, I’d be happy to! I’m going to steal a bite while I’m at it, though, be warned.”

Whew that went well! You were silly to doubt her… Shut up dude, beautiful women do not look at us every day, or have much of anything to do with us on any given day anymore… Yes, but this one has willingly, eagerly spent time with you for the last 3…. Touché.

Sherry sets to work, expertly cutting Ben’s ham and grilled pineapple slices into perfect bite size pieces, like she does it every day. She chatters on, making small talk the whole time which puts him at ease.

“I know, I told you, I love breakfast, it’s seriously like my favorite meal to eat out! There’s just something so wonderful about never ending coffee, and you can linger, and so many delicious choices. How could I possibly choose just one? I have gone out to breakfast at times and ordered a little bit of everything I was craving. I had a plate of biscuits and gravy, some over easy eggs, a pile of corned beef hash and a short stack of pumpkin pancakes. It was crazy, it was insane, but it was decadent. I ate the leftovers for 2 days!” Sherry finishes her story, steals herself a bite of ham and pineapple, before carefully putting Ben’s plate back in front of him. “MMM Ben that is so delicious! You have excellent taste, Sir.”

“You are adorable when you’re excited about something.” Ben picks his fork up between his knuckles and brings it to his mouth to wrap his fingers around.

“I told you, I love breakfast. Take eggs, they’re so delicious and you can use them so many different ways. They can be scrambled, they can be coddled, they can be cooked hard or cooked soft, or…” she says, cutting across the pillowy, hollandaise-covered egg on her plate. “They can be poached, and ooze sexy, eggy, love all over everything. I think eggs are one of the sexiest foods ever!” Sherry explains, before she takes a perfectly built bite.

“I don’t know if I have ever heard a more convincing argument on the beauty, versatility, and sex appeal of an egg before Sherry.” She had to talk about things being sexy… Ben stifles a growl and shifts his body a bit, trying to shake off the ideas it inspires.

Sherry closes her eyes and rolls them, deeply satisfied with her breakfast. Man, those little moans she makes when she eats are such a tease! Her eye rolling too, she’s amazing that can’t be denied. I want her, and not just because she’s the first potential for sex in ages! I want her in my life, I don’t want to just be with her, I want to keep her.

“Mmm, it’s so good Ben, thank you for breakfast, you made my day! So, why don’t you tell me what Ben likes to do when he’s not being a science teacher?”

“Well, I told you about gardening, and you can probably guess I keep up with sports. I enjoy wine, red wine.”

“Did you say wine?”

“Ohh, you like wine too? I like that.”

“I do very much; I’m more of a white wine fan, German wines in particular. I love Gewürztraminer and Riesling. Moscato is probably my favorite, but it’s not German! I love my silly, sweet, fruity, girly wine. I would love to learn to appreciate red wine, there’s something so sexy about it.”

“Well, I would love to teach you,” Ben says, with a bite of food halfway to his mouth. Is everything sexy to this girl? I love she lives so passionately and openly.

“I’ll take you up on that. Anything else appeal to you?”

“I’ve been looking into adaptive hunting, I hunted all my life, really enjoyed it. I would love to do it again, I love being outdoors. What about you, Sherry? Beyond catching babies, and being an amazing chef, what do you enjoy?”

“Oh, well you know about cooking and baking, I also love to read, and crochet. I try to make a small gift for all my clients, little booties or hats, even toys. I also, probably spend way too much time at my computer. I’m kind of a homebody, but I love going out too. I’m just as comfortable prettied up and girly as I am in yoga pants and a hoodie.”

“Did you just say hoodie?” Ben asks, grinning broadly.

“Yes, I have this Beatles hoodie; I’ve had it for years. It’s my favorite piece of clothing ever, it’s so ragged and loved, but I don’t care.”

“I can appreciate a woman who looks just as good in high heels and a dress as she does in yoga pants and a hoodie!”

“Thank goodness, I couldn’t give up either one.”

They continue eating laughing and enjoying their time together, coffee is refilled and Ben is introduced to the delicacy that is Eggs Benedict. Soon enough the perky waitress is swinging by to drop off the check.


Ben reaches for it automatically but then pauses to catch Sherry’s eye. “Ya know Sherry, There’s a Penguins game on tonight? If you want to hole up on the sofa again?” He nudges the check playfully in her direction.

“Ohh, is that how it’s going to be Mr. Ben?”

He bats his eyes at her and it’s so adorable she wonders how she’ll tell him the bad news. I wish I didn’t have to follow up with the Potter’s tonight; it’d be worth sitting through sports to snuggle up with him again. Just get it over with Sherry, you’ll see him again.

“Actually, I’m not free tonight, I have to check in with my clients from Friday.”

“Oh,” Ben is sad. “It’s ok, I’m going to pay the check regardless,” and there’s that grin again.

“I’m sorry Ben! Wow, this weekend has felt like a whirlwind huh?” Sherry smiles at him and reaches across the table to squeeze his hand. “I don’t want it to end, truly.”

“It’s ok Sherry; I’m sure neither of us expected things to unfold the way they did. I do want to see you again, very much!”

“Of course, I want to see more of you too.”

“I wish I could give you a date and time. This week is crazy busy for me, finals at school, submitting grades, graduation, and all of that.”

“I have clients always, if I’m not catching babies I’m meeting with clients and doing prenatal visits. There’s a full moon this week too. I’ll have at least one baby coming in the wee small hours.”

“Can I call you? Will you text me?” Ben asks, rubbing his knuckles on her hand.

“You better Buster!”

“I really want to kiss you again.”

“I’m wishing for a hug.” Sherry squeezes his hand tightly.

“Are you ready to go?” Ben asks, using both hands to scribble his signature on the receipt. He turns away from the table, toward the door.  

“I am,” Sherry follows just behind him. She skirts ahead of him at the door, holding it open, giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze as he goes past.

At Ben’s van, he fumbles around with his keys a bit before finally biting the key fob to unlock it. Sherry goes to get in when she feels his hand on her arm. She turns to look, he captures her wrist and guides her toward him, sitting in his lap seems the obvious thing.

“I told you I wanted a kiss,” he says, pulling her in close, nuzzling his nose against her cheek.

“Well, how could I say no to an offer like that, as long as I get my hug.”

His arms come around her and he pulls her in, his mouth is tender and sweet, she closes her eyes and drinks it in. Her fingers linger and tickle the back of his neck. I wish we could spend the day together, I wish we could keep exploring this, enjoying this. His kiss is affectionate, sincere, and heartfelt, but it stirs her, it reminds her of her dream.   

They hold on tightly, close for the first time since he picked her up this morning. Each melting into and drinking in the kiss they both craved so much. Enjoying the closeness, they hadn’t been this close since last night. Sherry hadn’t quite realized in all the whirlwind of the weekend just how much space his wheelchair forced between them at times. Of course, it could always be bridged but it wasn’t as easy as being swept into his arms for a kiss, or held tightly. It created a distance and they would have to find and learn their ways to close it. She didn’t mind, she was up for the challenge and any obstacles being in his life meant.

They kiss and melt, moaning softly into each other, so happy in that short moment to feel understood and accepted, maybe even a little flicker of desire sparking to life. They kiss, squarely, and passionately on his smirky delicious mouth. She drinks deeply, hungrily, not holding back. She feels the heat from this morning simmering under the surface. He probably senses it too, but she doesn’t care. She wants him to know… She’s in, for whatever this is for wherever they’re going. She’s in…

Sherry’s the one to break the kiss this time. They both exhale deeply and sit with their foreheads together, holding onto the moment. Neither knows what to do or what to say, knowing their magical weekend is coming to an end. It’s not awkward or unpleasant; it just feels melancholy and uncertain. After a weekend where they both felt like everything clicked into place, the separation feels like ripping velcro. They’re both heavy and uncertain about the week ahead. They’re both busy, they both have plans nothing is concrete, but they both know they can’t wait to see each other again.


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  1. Miss DJ,

    1. Hahahahaha I dig the tricksy opening to this chapter *high fives*
    2. “I’m not a player anymore, I probably still would be, but life changes and I’m glad I’m not that guy anymore. I’m better today than I was then.” I’ve legitimately heard variations of this sentiment from quite a few PWDs. You hit the nail on the head.
    3. With that said, Mr Ben is the perfect gentleman. I wonder if he would’ve grown out of his player tendencies had he met Sherry pre-injury anyway. Random thoughts *grins*
    4. I really enjoyed seeing both of their doubts and vulnerabilities. As if they think the same thing, on the same wavelength but both are hesitant, semi-afraid to bridge the gap, take the leap, etc.
    5. These two are just so sweet. Purely, simply sweet.


    1. I thought you’d appreciate the little tease Ann. I also thought about my poor readers, they’re so used to smut from me and I’ve made them hang on for 8 chapters now without any tiny thrills, so i gave them a tiny thrill… MUHAHA! Sometimes Ben gets so honest it just takes my breath away! I love him! 🙂 He is a good guy huh I wonder what made him a player? Just being ridiculously good looking I guess? I think bridging the gaps in the vulnerabilities will be good, will be fun! Stay tuned I think its coming soon-ish!
      Couldn’t do it without you Miss Ann, your cheerleading, your feedback, you stern education on the proper use of a comma…. Most of all your willingness to open Devotion House to little old me… 🙂

  2. 1- I love Benedict Cumberbatch too!
    2- Gewürztraminer is super yummy, I love that wine too!
    … and then a bit more…
    Loved when Ben had to muster up his courage to ask for help, he still tried to put it off but he did it! Also loved that to Sherry it was no big deal, I kind of wonder if she reflected on that later and if she realized what a big deal it was for him to ask her for help. More thoughts later!

    1. hahaha sometimes even your short and sweet comments give me insight into the story I hadn’t even considered!! <3 Love it… thats a very good point about Sherry realizing how hard it is for Ben… I don't think she does yet… I think she still just sees him as this confident do anything guy… The wheels in my head are turning!.

  3. Yay!! Made my Thursday getting this little gem!! I want a Ben. He is really charming and sweet! And I’m loving this instant chemistry between this two. It’s smoking hot. Love, love , love this story!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! Happy Thursday to you! Wouldn’t we all like a Ben, I know I’m sure thankful for My Ben! I’m happy the instant chemistry comes off as chemistry and not to fast or forced! 🙂 I hope it gets hotter soon too!

  4. Such a great chapter. This is one of my favorite stories. I love both characters. Thanks for sharing and making my day.

    1. Thank you! What a compliment when i’m in the company of so many other talented writers! 🙂 Happy to have made your day!

  5. The interaction between ben and Sherry is so cute. You can feel the instant chemistry and attraction they have towards each other slowly building up the relationship towards an explosion of sexual euphoria, but I feel sorry for Ben at the end not getting that date on hockey night. He will definitely get rewarded later on. Love your stories and keep them coming

    1. Aww Thank you! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you like it! Loving yours too, planning to tuck in and read ch 3 soon!

    1. I’m a foodie can’t help it…. Ben is a foodie too. It’s one of our many wires. Thank you for commenting it means so much to me knowing people appreciate the story and characters so close to my heart.

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