A Thousand Sweet Kisses: Chapter Eleven

I still want you like this… even after all these years… I’m so very yours…

He wants her more than he’s ever wanted any other woman in his life, all of him wants to kiss, claim, and enjoy her. He can hardly think or do anything, he is just riding the waves of desire and pleasure she’s coaxing out of him. He feels his hands nudging against her chest seeking her breasts, it’s instinctual, his desire to cup them hold them and graze his thumbs over her nipples. It doesn’t work that way anymore, of course. He sighs and tries to brush past the frustration that causes him.

She’s sitting on his lap pressing her body so close to him, he feels short of breath, but he knows it’s just want and need making him light-headed. So many thoughts fly through his head, all clouded by the deep desire he has to take and claim. His lips find her neck and he starts his own seduction, kissing and tasting her. She tastes as good as he imagined. His tongue and lips caressing her throat. She lets out a moan; it betrays her own desire and fuels his. He continues his assault on her neck, it’s all he knows to do. His desire to make her feel as good and she’s making him feel is his only driving thought.

Her hands come behind him, rubbing and squeezing into his shoulders. God, she has no idea how good that feels! Ben feels the relaxation spreading through him while her fingers dig and squeeze in his shoulders and he moans again. Her hands move over his shoulders and around to his chest. She slips her hands inside his shirt to touch skin.

“Take it off,” Ben says moaning. There’s not a thought in his head beyond enjoying every fantastic second of this with her. What if she unbuttons it all the way… you’ll be hosed dude!

Through a shuddering breath, he says, “Don’t unbutton it all the way pull it off.”

Dude, your body, your chest, what will she think…. She thinks the belly is cute sure, but the rest…. at least she won’t see the catheter… Her kisses soon silence his insecurities as new sensations and emotions flood him.

She tosses his shirt on the floor and her hands start exploring his now naked skin. They rub firmly up and down his chest in long strokes. He feels things he wasn’t sure he’d ever feel again… It’s like she’s coaxing his pleasure up into his awareness. She touches me like she wants me like she would any man. She doesn’t pause, she doesn’t hesitate. She touches me like she enjoys it.



Sherry can’t get enough, she can’t kiss enough… Her hunger for him drives her. Sure, his body is different, but it’s sexy because it’s different, and I want to kiss over every unique inch. His hands nudge at her breasts pushing into them. It only feeds her fire and drives her to continue. Ok, we just met, this is sudden but delicious and I want him like I’ve never wanted anyone before. Prude little Sherry always afraid, always cautious, never rushing into anything… fuck that, I’m bulldozing into sexy town. She thinks, moaning when she feels his mouth nip at her neck. She’d never done this, of course, she’d had sex before and was quite familiar with taking care of herself, but she’d always been cautious. She’d certainly never tried to seduce or been seduced by a man so soon.

His hands nudge at her waist trying to catch the sheer fabric of her shirt and push it up. She’s happy to help correct this; grabbing the hem of her shirt and pulling it up and off. Red lacy bra… good choice, even though this was the last thing I expected to happen tonight… I think…

He moans his approval burying his face between her breasts to kiss. His hands coming up to hold them and push them together.

She rubs her hands into his shoulders again enjoying the way his mouth kisses over and caresses the pale skin of her breasts. She pulls in close to him enjoying the way their bodies feel together softness, skin, and heat. The air conditioning chilling it just enough to make her hyper aware of his every action. It’s amazing feeling him skin to skin… I don’t know if he feels it too but surely, hopefully, he can sense and enjoy the intimacy of it. She kisses the top of his head while he enjoys her breasts, working her hips into his. She reaches behind her to unhook her bra and free her breasts for him. She’s eager for his hands to be on her the way she’s dreamed, so far it’s been exactly as good as I imagined.   

He moans as soon as they’re free. The sexy stubble on his face making her skin tingle and more aware. The tightening bud of her nipple is quickly captured in his mouth. He sucks long and deep and she moans. Her hips seeking and grinding into him, her want and desire now escalated, brought to life more desperately than ever. She sighs softly and enjoys his mouth on her breasts and his hands everywhere else, his knuckles dragging over her nipples and skin feels so good.

He releases her nipple with a huge breath of air before paying the other the same attention. He’s drunk on me like I am on him… His hands move and slide over her chest and stomach coming around her back pulling her in to kiss him again, long and deep.  

“I can’t always touch you the way I want,” Ben says breathless and frantic.

“Touch me the way you can Ben, I love it, feeling you, it’s different, in a good exciting way!”

I want to touch him I want to taste him I want to feel him inside me… Can he do that? Of course, he can… but what if he can’t… Well, that’s what all your silly yoga is for isn’t it… strength, flexibility, endurance… We’ll figure all that out, right now I just want him, we’ll find our way.

“I worry, it frustrates me every day. I don’t want it to frustrate you too. I don’t want you wishing I could touch you a certain way…”

“Shh Ben, just touch me, kiss me, I know you can do that, the how doesn’t matter. We’ll figure this out,” Sherry explains bringing his hands to her mouth to kiss over. She enjoys each bent finger and texture of his hands. She lovingly tenderly kisses each one, watching his face for a response. She watches him relax, she watches him let go and enjoy. She seductively licks and playfully sucks each one, in turn, watching the doubt in his eyes turn back to fire and arousal. She brings his hands to her face and uses them to caress it, thrilled when he moves them into her hair and brings her mouth down on his in a hungry kiss.




Ben moans again closing his eyes tossing his head back, completely lost in the moment… her mouth is moving so fast kissing over his chest and shoulders, he can’t even keep track of what is her mouth and what is the tender stroke of her hands. Every part of him that feels is aware and on alert, begging for more.

He closes his eyes and breathes deeply so overwhelmed and taken with everything he’s experiencing. It’s intense, he knew he could still enjoy sex, of course, he just didn’t expect it to feel… So fucking amazing! Her hands feel like they’re everywhere but I know she’s just focusing on my upper chest and shoulders and her mouth little kisses everywhere, hearing those sweet little puckering kisses makes me feel so good.

A sound pierces his consciousness a jingling and a zip… His eyes fly open and he looks down to find her unbuttoning his pants. FUCK!

He quickly brings in his hands to his crotch to stop her. “Sherry wait… please,” he implores her. He tries to breathe and think how to move forward, how to tell her.

She sits up, her eyes wide with uncertainty, they’re still clouded with desire but tainted with confusion. “Ben, I’m sorry, am I moving too fast… usually, I don’t…”

“No, it’s not that, it’s amazing, really. It’s just…”

Sherry moves off his lap hugging a throw pillow over her naked breasts. “Surely you can have sex Ben, be intimate and…”

“Of course, I can,” he responds a little gruffly.

“It’s too soon, I’m sorry, really I don’t know what came over me.” Sherry grabs for her shirt.

I’m ruining this, I’m spoiling it, how do I keep her, what do I say?

“Sherry, no, I mean, yes it is soon, but not unwanted! Believe me please, it’s not unwanted,” he tries reaching out, dragging his knuckles tenderly down her arm.

“Then what is it, Ben? Is it me? Am I not…” She asks gently. He sees tears in her eyes threatening to spill over.

“Oh Sexy, you are fire and every good thing, it’s me! I don’t know how anymore… I’m not a virgin Sherry but I haven’t since… and things don’t work the way they did once.”

“Tell me what you mean Ben. Sex is a universal language… boy meets girl…” she says lacing her fingers in his bringing his hand back to touch her. “Of course you know how, you are… and I want you, I want you so badly,” she leans closer and starts kissing his neck again.

Ben feels desire cloud his thoughts again. “It’s the same but it’s also very different. Things don’t work anymore,” He blurts out awkwardly in a rush, hoping to avoid graphic descriptions.

“Ben, it works… I felt it, or I wouldn’t have been getting in your pants.”

“It’s just a reflex, it wouldn’t last… That requires some extra time, planning, drugs…”

“Ohh,”  Sherry hugs the pillow tighter to her body again as her brain registers what he’s explaining. “Look Ben,  I’m so patient. I can be patient. Honestly, this isn’t me, I don’t know what came over me. I’m usually so cautious. I wait a few months, get to know someone really well… and it’s been a very, very, long time since…”

He softens, and caresses her face. “I didn’t want to assume anything with you, I’ve just been enjoying the ride.”

“Me too.”

“I’ve been afraid if you knew or as you know the ins and outs of me and my life, you’ll want to get off the ride.”

“Don’t be so afraid Ben, I don’t date much and I’m very selective, not that I’ve had many opportunities. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t worry, we can talk, we will talk, be honest with me, I’ll be honest with you. We fell into this Ben and it’s been so fun and fantastic, it’s normal we’d get carried away but I’m not in a hurry!”

“I will be honest with you, I will trust you… I need to learn. Believe me, Sherry, all I want to do is toss you on the bed and be me… the old me… and as far as I’ve come that is one part of me I haven’t yet reconciled into my new life. I haven’t had the opportunity.”

“Don’t think I’m going to be sad you’re not a player any more buster,” Sherry playfully pokes his ribs. “Ben, I’ll learn with you ok, we’ll learn together, I’m not sure what we’re learning exactly because I think intimacy is a language everyone knows, you’re just learning a new dialect.” She smiles at him optimistically.

“Thanks, Sherry, I’ve been googling and reading, I have a doctor’s appointment, but it’s kind of hard to learn something like this without experience. It’s different for every person, every injury level. I didn’t want to assume or even hope really that we’d get here. I didn’t expect it so soon…”

“Neither did I, we can step back Ben. I do just enjoy spending time with you and getting to know you and I want more of that. I can’t promise to stop kissing you though. I think you’re stuck with that,” Sherry says leaning in tenderly kissing the corner of his mouth. She cuddles into him again enjoying their bodies close together.

“Ben, did it feel good?”

“Amazing!” he says, snuggling closer to her, kissing her neck sweetly.  

“I’m satisfied then, knowing we got to share a little bit of amazing for now and we’ll wait and learn the rest when we get there.”


12 thoughts on “A Thousand Sweet Kisses: Chapter Eleven

  1. damn that was amazingly hot. I don’t know where to begin, because everything was great. Now they won’t be able to keep their hands off each other. There’s nothing like love and passion. Can’t wait to the next installment see where it goes next

    1. So glad you liked it! 🙂 my favorite cheerleader Mr. Anonymous, Ok maybe 2nd to my Ben 😉 it may be a few chapters before they get their hands on eachother again like THIS but its coming… 🙂

  2. I loved this chapter, it was so romantic and sexy! And I loved that it was realistic. The first time you’re with someone is awkward and you start to wonder if you’re doing thing right if he likes your body. I guess it’s the same for men. I’m so glad I’m married and don’t have to worry about that LOL.

    1. Aww romantic i love hearing that cuz i was going for just sexy i’m glad some romantic fluff snuck thru 🙂 It is awkward and exciting the first time… Sometimes its a shame we can’t bottle that up and revisit it from time to time… That being said sometimes with the right person… its always this good. 🙂

  3. Awww man, Ben’s moments of insecurity in this chapter are to die for! Their (non) sex scene and the interaction between these two is soooo indicative of their relationship: eager, but unsure, but willing, but tentative, and oh-so-sweet. I just wanna stick him with a needle and let her have her way with him (that was my inside voice, shhhh!). Seriously, though, I love the inner monologue. Angst me up, baby!


    P.S. – I know…I’m not allowed to comment anymore… *hangs head in shame**peers up at Miss DJ**smirks*

    1. I hope it was authentic at least all i could get out of my extra special quad beta readers was HOT HOT HOT! 🙂 after they cooled off they said it was accurate so big sigh of relief… 🙂 stick him with a needle… i see you snapping your latex gloves Dr, Hartman… 😉 Its so fun to write inside Ben’s head! 🙂 you better keep commenting maam they’re some of my favorites!!! 🙂 <3

  4. Awww Thanka Del! Summer has derailed my writing ambitions a bit but I have a few things in the works. Ben and Sherry will be back soon.

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