A Thousand Sweet Kisses: Chapter Nine

A week in our life huh Ben? I thought it would be fun for art to mimic life… waking up to texts, fading to sleep and of course kisses.

Sunday Evening…


Sherry is waiting in line at the drugstore buying coffee, chocolate, and batteries. A single girl’s survival necessities… Maybe not single too much longer… She smiles to herself, swiping her card. Leaving Ben was hard today, but we’re both busy. We just met; of course, we can’t just drop reality and spend every waking minute together. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we could…? It was a great weekend, now we have to return to reality. Well… maybe with a couple perks and reminders of the fantastic that was and is to come though, Sherry notes, feeling her phone buzz in her back pocket. She grabs her bag, looks at her phone and heads out to her car.

Ben: Hey, hope you had a good afternoon, I’m thinking of you.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess:  I did have a good afternoon. I met with my clients, everyone is doing well. I’m just at the store grabbing a few essentials for the week. What are you up to?

Ben: The game just ended, my team won. I’m going to bed soon. Can’t stop thinking of you. What passes for “essentials” in your world Sherry? 😊                                                                              

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: LOL this week, most weeks, essentials are coffee and chocolate. Darn, I should’ve grabbed wine, too late now. What about you Ben?

Ben: I bought a bottle this afternoon, I’ll need it after the week ahead. Milk, yogurt, fruit, and hummus I guess? I’ll survive, I’ll be thinking of you.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess:  I’ll be thinking of you too Ben. You can text me anytime. You can call. If I don’t respond right away I will as soon as I can ok?

Ben: Same here, I’m sure you keep odd hours. My life is pretty structured and dependent on routines, but we’ll make it work.                                                           

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Odd hours is an understatement. I’ve always been this way, though. My only plans for the rest of the night are to put in a load of laundry and collapse in bed.

Ben: I’m about to transfer into bed and do the same. Have a good night Sherry, sending a goodnight kiss.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Sleep tight Handsome. Kiss






Ben: Good morning Sunshine, I hope there’s a cup of coffee in your future. I’m at school, watching 30 sophomores dissect frogs for their final exam. Not high on formaldehyde yet, the day is young.                                                                              

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I’m pretending I didn’t wake up with a flashback to dissecting frogs in high school. Man, I still remember that smell! It reminded me of Cherry-Vanilla yogurt. I couldn’t eat it for years! I’m cuddling my cold pillow imagining I woke up to you and warm coffee instead.

Ben: That is a far better scenario, I wish that’s where I was too! Morning cuddles, lazy wake ups, and coffee. I’m consoling myself with the thought that there’s a strawberry tart waiting for me in my lunch.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: That will help get you through the morning. I need to drag myself away from my pillow and these lovely thoughts of you. I have clients in 90 minutes.  

Ben: Have a good morning. I’ll be in touch later. I’d offer a kiss to motivate you out of bed, but a kiss would only encourage me to stay in bed and linger.                                                                               

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I like the way you think! Kiss hang in there.  


Ben shifts in his chair looking across the room. He’d spent almost all of last night thinking about her, and most of this morning. Well, what else are you going to do on the toilet for an hour? You used to read sports news or play sudoku… Well, she’s more interesting lately. I should think of something special to do with her next time we get together. He takes a deep breath, trying to focus on work and the classroom full of horny teenagers giggling over the reproductive organs of frogs. Damned if this woman hasn’t made me feel like a horny teenager again, wish I knew what to do about that.


Later that evening…


Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Did you survive a day of frog guts and formaldehyde?

Ben: I did somehow, just coming down from the buzz. How was your day?  😊                                                             

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Not too bad, I had three prenatal visits and an interview with a new family. I have one client that’s iffy, probably tomorrow full moon and all.

Ben: You keep mentioning that, what is it about the full moon?                                                                              

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Babies like to come when there’s a full moon. Supposedly, they’ve disproved it but it’s my busiest week of the month.

Ben: Interesting, I’ve heard of such things in relation to other things, hunting for example.     

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I don’t know how the moon affects other things, I’m sure it does, but it sure brings babies. You survived Monday. kiss

Ben: I sure did, I had a little help, butter, sugar and wild strawberries 😉

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Glad they helped you get through your day. When does school get out?  

Ben: Finals until weds, last day Thursday and graduation Friday.                                                                              

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Busy week for you too. 😊

Ben: I thought about you a lot today.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess:  I thought about you too! Looking forward to our next kiss.

Ben: Me too                                                                                 

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Call me later, I know you hate texting.


That evening….


Missed Call from Ben…


Damn, I missed her, hope she’s ok. She’s probably just busy… I’ll text her to say Good Night.


Ben: I’m fading babe, long day, I thought of you so much. Have a good night. Kiss







Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I’m so sad I missed your call. I was working 🙁 I’m so ready for bed and I have clients tomorrow at noon. Going to bed. Wish we could still be snuggling on the sofa. It was amazing to sleep in your arms. I hope I get to again sometime!


A few hours later…


Ben: Good Morning Sunshine, I hope you got sleep! I have no words… no words… I want to hold you again! I would love to cuddle up, falling asleep with you close felt so good.

Ben: Get yourself some coffee, I wish I could bring you some!

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Mmm I could get used to waking up to “Good Morning Sunshine” Ben! You’ll spoil me. Hope you’ve had a good morning. I’m about to hop in the shower and get ready to meet clients in an hour. How does your afternoon look?

Ben: Grading finals, submitting grades, such fun, chained to my laptop pecking in grades. Don’t tell me you’re getting in the shower Sherry, I’m a sucker for a woman with clean, half damp, flower scented hair. It’s a weakness.  😁

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: LOL I’ll keep that tidbit filed away for future reference  Sounds exciting. I have some free time but, it’s ok you have stuff to do, I understand.

Ben: I’d rather be talking to you… Tonight after 6 I’ll be home, there’s another hockey game.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I should be free…what if I give you a call? Kiss

Ben: that would be amazing… You are amazing…

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Ben, you’re making me blush… kiss

Ben: I like when you blush.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: You seem especially good at making me… kiss talk later.


That evening…


Ben is lounging on his own sofa, beer in hand, wheelchair angled beside the couch. He’s watching his hockey game, and hoping to hear from Sherry when Tom comes home.

“Hey Buddy, How was day two of finals?” Tom asks. “Have you talked to Sherry much today?“

“We texted earlier, I told her I’d be home tonight, watching the game. She said she’d call.”

“Awesome, I’m happy for you man!”

“We just met Tom, no guarantees yet. She’s into me but she doesn’t know anything more than the basics. Do you think she’ll stick around if she knows everything?”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out. You don’t even know everything yet? Why don’t you brush up, do some homework and Google some stuff? At least call and get a prescription man.”

“Maybe you’re right about the phone call, I don’t know, every time I Google I just get frustrated because I have no one to practice with…”

“Well, Hello you just might, you should be prepared,” Tom says pointing at Ben’s buzzing phone.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Hi Ben, it looks like I have another full moon baby on the way. I’m sorry I won’t have time to talk tonight. I will text you when I get home. Hope you had a good day! I hope you survived grading all those tests and… Go Penguins! Kiss

Ben: Have a good night Sherry, I’ll be thinking of you. Kiss  😁

Maybe Tom is right maybe I should at least be prepared… if Sherry wants, when Sherry wants… Ugh, but kind of a waste if it doesn’t work out. I do want to see, though. Ben continues watching the game, sad his team lost. They only have to win one more in the series and they’ll win the cup. He spends the rest of the night at his computer, brushing up on some research into sex and spinal cord injuries. It’s daunting but hopeful. I definitely can’t deny I want to find out… obviously, it will be different and new. Like learning everything all over again but I’ve done that with everything else. I hope she’s willing to learn with me… Shame they don’t teach you this stuff in rehab, it’s fucking important! LITERALLY!






Sometime around 5am…


Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I hope this text doesn’t wake you when it comes in. I’m just getting home. I’m going to sleep until at least noon! I’m free for the day, once I’ve caught up on sleep. I can’t tell you how much I wish we could cuddle again. I’ll even watch sports to do it, I so wish we could be close. kiss have a good morning…


A little later…


Ben drives past Sherry’s building on his way to school. He leaves an envelope taped to her driver’s side window.

Ben: Good morning Sunshine, I left a little surprise for you on your car. I hope it’s still there when you get out. I hope you’re sleeping well. I hope your pillow is cold and we can talk later. Maybe we can make weekend plans?


A few hours more….


“Doctor Hartmann’s office, how can I help you today?”

“Hi, um it’s Ben Bauer, I was wondering if I could call in about a prescription.”

“Is this about a prescription refill or a new medication Mr. Bauer?”

“It’s a new medication I’d like to try…”

“Well, then you’ll need to make an appointment. What are you seeking a prescription for Mr. Bauer?” the receptionist asks.

Ugh, she would ask… Come on dude you order catheters without batting an eye… same deal… “Viagra.”

“Ok Mr. Bauer, We have an appointment available for you next week on Wednesday at 2pm, does that work for you?”

“Yes… Thanks.”

“We’ll see you then. Have a nice day!”

Well, she seemed nonplussed… even if it sits in the medicine cabinet another two years…  Ugh, have to wait a week… It’s ok you’re probably not going to get lucky this weekend anyways.


Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Oh, Ben… you bought me coffee… I barely woke up, saw your text and I was running out to the car after my surprise. As soon as I am fit to be in the company of other humans I will be popping into Starbucks for a quad venti caramel macchiato. My brain has to boot up first and I’ll have to make do with the sub-par coffee I make at home to get me in the car. Hope you’re having a good day! How was your game?

Ben: a quad huh? kiss I’m so happy I could surprise you! I love doing little things. I want to do so many little things for you, Sherry. A cup of coffee is the least of them, it helps that it’s the end of the school year and all my students are giving me little year-end gifts. I think I have 10 Starbucks gift cards. It was easy and no trouble to put a smile on your face. My team lost so surprising you was a bright spot… Next game. Cross your fingers for me.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Yes a quad, I’m exhausted… and there’s something about quads…Fingers crossed! I feel so special Ben. Thank you so much. I do hope we can talk tonight! Today is my “day off” I’m not expecting any more babies, I could always be wrong and I’m not meeting anyone today. I just have to go shopping and run a few errands, maybe clean house… You’ll be busy tonight yes? Submitting more grades? I wish we could meet for coffee, I’d bring you coffee to get you through grading papers.


Something about quads hmph… if only she wasn’t talking about coffee…  


Ben: I will be holed up in front of the computer for a few hours at least. I might need Starbucks before it’s over.                                                                                  

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Can I bring you coffee? Can I bring you dinner? I won’t stay long. I just want a kiss.

Ben: Ohh I love that idea…

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess:  Well, let me… 🙂 Give me your address. You did something sweet and wonderful for me today. Let me do the same for you.

Ben: 924 Steeler st.     

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I was just going to grab dinner tonight, I was thinking sandwiches. What do you like?

Ben: Tuna with extra pickles, all the veggies.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess:  Ahh you are a man after my own heart Ben, kiss See you around 6?

Ben: I’ll look forward to it.                                                                                                                                                              


Just after 6pm…


*knock knock* The sound jolted Ben’s focus from inputting grades into his laptop. He knew what that sound meant, food, a break from the tedium, and best of all Sherry. He pushes away from the table and goes to answer the door.

“Hey Sunshine,” he grins as soon as he sees her.

“Well, hello handsome!”

Sherry bends forward to kiss him and he rolls out of the way inviting her in.

“You are so much better to look at than a computer screen, spreadsheets, and grades.”

“Flattery, Dear Ben…”

Sherry looks around, it’s a typical bachelor pad, sparse furniture, big screen TV, gorgeous hardwood floors. It’s spotless, though I suppose clutter makes it difficult for him to move around freely. I’ll need to think about that.

Ben leads her into the kitchen, everything here is neat and clean too, with wide paths and lowered counter tops. There’s even space under the sink for Ben to roll under. It’s a gorgeous kitchen, lots of wide open space and counter tops. I could get into trouble in here… Sherry thinks to herself grinning, and imagining it with a fine dusting over flour everywhere.

“It’s so good to see you!” He says pulling her into his lap for a hug.

“Good to see you too Ben.”

They kiss and hug tight, enjoying the few moments they managed to find each other in the crazy week.

“I can’t stay long… I’m interviewing a student about an apprenticeship in 30 minutes,” Sherry whispers against his cheek.

“I’ll hold tight while I have you, I don’t think I’m going to let you out of my lap without a fight though!”

“I brought dinner, tuna with extra pickles… it’s my favorite too. It’s funny don’t you think?”

Ben pops his head up from kissing Sherry’s neck. “It is funny, just a layer of us. It’s fun discovering them.”

“It is, I think we’ll have great fun discovering them all. If I didn’t have to go I think I’d let you kiss me all night.”

“I could kiss you all night!”






I’m so glad I bought batteries… Sherry lies in her bed, a content sigh escaping her lips. It was short and sweet with Ben last night but it had filled her with fire and her imagination got the better of her. Ohh, there’s something so magical about the way he touches me… So tender and purposeful. She sighs again, melting with relaxation. She stretches luxuriously in bed blinking against the sunlight. She rolls over to check her phone. It’s become her habit this week, the first thing she does in the morning. She’s become so spoiled by Ben’s texts every day.


Ben: Good morning Sunshine, I’m so glad I got to see you last night.                                                                              

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: It was good to see you. I hope you enjoyed your dinner and got all your grades entered.

Ben: I did! How did your meeting go?

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess:  It went well! She will be my first apprentice which is kind of exciting! Adds a new dynamic and challenge.

Ben: I’m glad you had a good night!                                                                                   

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I did, you were the best part of it though!

Ben: You were definitely the best part of mine. How does your weekend look?                                                                      

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I try not to make meetings or appointments on the weekends, there’s always the possibility of a birth but I don’t have any plans. You?

Ben: Can I take you out? Like on a date for some food, fun, and drinks?

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Of course you can!

Ben: Great, I have something in mind, we’ll relax after our crazy week.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: sounds perfect Ben

Ben: good I’ll text you later have a good day sunshine           


Later that day….


Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: How was your last day of school handsome?

Ben: I forgot the horrors of signing yearbooks… I think I was asked to sign a hundred of them. I think by the end of the day most of the kids got my half-hearted Mr. B. on my picture. Next year I’m buying a stamp!                                                                          

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: So it’s safe to assume you won’t be sending me many handwritten letters?

Ben: Yup, you could say that.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I think I’ll manage. I’ll just be thankful I’m an exception to your “hate to text” rules. kiss

Ben: LOL Voice-to-text saves the day.                                                                                

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: What are you doing tonight?

Ben: Graduation rehearsal, which means I roll in with the rest of the staff and sit on the stage for hours, bored… listening to the school band play pomp and circumstance a dozen times.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Sounds exciting. I have some free time tonight I should catch up on paperwork.

Ben: I’d rather be talking to you… Tonight after 7 I’ll be home, there’s another hockey game.  I swear I do more than watch sports for the record, I just talk about it a lot.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: You’re allowed Ben, you won’t scare me off talking about sports. Add you have yet to witness me getting on a soapbox about things I’m passionate about. That might scare you off. 😉

Ben: Oh I dunno I think I might enjoy seeing you all filled with passion and fired up about something you care about.                                                                                   

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: You say that now… Try to have a good night I’ll be cheering for your team. Kiss

Ben: You can text me, haunt my phone, I love hearing from you. I’ll respond if I can.


That Evening…


Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I hope you survived graduation rehearsal Ben… just think you get to do it all over again tomorrow!


A little later…


Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I’m thinking of you I made a dent in some paperwork and cleaned house a bit. My dinner was hummus, pita chips, and fruit though. kiss

Ben: I’m so glad that’s over. I’m watching my game now, beer in hand. This is the deciding game!

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Have fun! I have a last minute meeting with a prospective client tonight… fingers crossed.

Ben: LOL I can’t.                                                                              

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Ohh Ben I didn’t mean…

Ben: Teasing Sherry… sending my best wishes.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Kiss Go Penguins!


A few hours later…


Ben: That was a fantastic game! It’s so fun watching your team win the championship. I can’t even tell you! I’m about to transfer into bed… It’s late and I’m fading. I’m so glad there’s no school tomorrow. Wish I could sleep in.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Kiss sleep tight handsome. I had a good day. I’ll be thinking of you when I find my own pillow. I’ll be wishing it was you I was cuddling so tight.






Ben: Good Morning Sunshine, you have to keep talking about cuddling don’t you. Do you know what that does to me… pushes all my buttons. 😁     


A few hours later….


Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Goodness you wake up early Ben yawn, Should I apologize for pushing buttons? I’m just cuddly. Didn’t I tell you I was affectionate?

Ben: Do not apologize for pushing buttons, it’s good to know they still work. You did tell me you’re affectionate, I enjoy your affection. Yes, I wake up early, I told you structure and routines, they’re a cruel mistress.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I hope there’s room for me in all that structure and routine Ben, I very much want there to be. I’ve missed you this week.  

Ben: There’s plenty of room for you… I hope you’ll still want to be….                                                                            

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Why wouldn’t I be… silly Ben… kiss if you put up with my odd hours and coming and going at all hours I’ll put up with your structure and routine. Kiss just mmm let me sleep and make me coffee….

Ben: That’s a deal!                                                                              

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: What do you have going on today?

Ben: Spending the morning at home. Tom is making me “workout” with him. I need the exercise. I ate a few Strawberry tarts this week 😉 I have to be to school at 2 for graduation, a repeat of yesterday only I have to look less bored, and wear a suit. Then tonight I’m helping to chaperone the “Safe and Sober” grad night party until 10pm.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Fun times! I’m running all over today appointments and some errands. I was going to try and hit the farmer’s market again but I don’t know if I’ll squeeze it in.

Ben: No ma’am you are not allowed to go back to the farmer’s market… Can’t take the risk of some other guy using you to find peaches…                                                                                  

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: As if Ben… Men never hit on me… you wouldn’t have if I didn’t have peaches.

Ben: I saw you before I saw peaches, silly girl…                                                                                 

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Perhaps, but peaches were why you came up to me.

Ben: Ok, you have me there, but it was a great opening that worked to our mutual advantage don’t you think…. Kiss

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I have no complaints at this time.

Ben: Good to know. Ok, pretty lady, I have to go… Tom is talking about strapping me into his rowing machine… 😨

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: kiss it’s good for you 😉 Text me later when you have time we need to make plans for tomorrow don’t we?

Ben: We do kiss, I will. Have a good day Sunshine.


Later that day…


Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Thinking of you Ben… kiss

Ben: Thinking of you too…

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Did you survive Tom?

Ben:  I did, geez I love him like a brother but that man can’t give a crippled guy a break sometimes.                                                                          

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: I’m glad you survived.

Ben: So… tomorrow. I have stuff going on a lot of the day. Errands and stuff. I was thinking dinner?

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Dinner sounds good! What’s for dinner, Ben?

Ben: Tacos?  

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Dear man you know the way to my heart!!!

Ben: I heard about this place, all they do is tacos, every kind. I thought after our crazy week it’d be fun to go out and eat tacos, drink beer, laugh, and relax.                                                                          

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Sounds fantastic!

Ben: Great! I’ll pick you up at 5?

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess:  I could meet you…

Ben: I’ll drive… I’m a man like that. 🙂                                                                                

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Ahh, my old friend chivalry! Kiss ok Ben I’ll meet you out front at 5.

Ben: I knew you’d see it my way 😉

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Have a Good Night Ben! Kiss  

Ben: Ugh, watching teenagers play video games and laser tag. I like my job have I said that? 😁 That’s ok wait til they see Mr. Bauer kick ass at Air Hockey. Kisses x 1000 Sherry.                                                                                                                                                             

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  1. Goodness gracious! !! I love Ben and Sherry!! I love how they text back and forth…all the little kisses. Such an instant connection between these two….love it love it !!! Thanks for making my boring Saturday a little more bearable !

    1. I’m soo pleased I was able to brighten your Saturday! I’m glad the text format was well received too! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Another great chapter to the series, the text messaging idea is brilliant. It sucks that they did not get much spend time together physically, but the interaction and the closeness they have is so sweet. They are both adorable with their good mornings and good nights and how fond they are of each.

    1. i am so happy my text message stunt was well received! 🙂 Its quite obvious isn’t it. 🙂 Makes me all fluttery. Art mimics life… I don’t know what to do with myself when i don’t wake up to “Good Morning Sunshine”

  3. Sigh.. I love Ben. Why can’t I have him in real life?
    I love the texting back and forth. So cute.
    Thank you for a great chapter.

    1. I love Ben too… i’m afraid i only know of one “Ben” and he’s kind of mine 🙂 Sorry not sharing 🙂 you’re so very welcome i’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. I just love this story! The texting format is awesome and worked very well. So much can be said about new romance and busy schedules and I feel like you summed it up perfectly here. That desire to learn more, understand the other person better, and be with them is strong in the early days of a relationship and I enjoyed this little look into that so much! You rocked it!!

    1. i am pretty pleased with how it came out all in all! I was a little worried at first about it it would push the story forward etc but i think it did… 🙂 Art mimicking life 😀 I’m so happy you love it AnRo. Now that i can breathe for a day maybe i can catch up with Taylor and Elliot! <3

  5. Miss DJ,

    OMGoodness! This chapter made me giggle sooo much! I really enjoyed the texting back and forth. It not only showed a different side to their connection but also was very realistic in terms of relationships nowadays, imho. Personally, my favorite parts were the tidbits of Ben’s thoughts sprinkled in between. So telling. And vulnerable. Annnnd, the things that made me laugh…

    1. She’s more interesting than sports news or Sudoku. Aww. Such a man train of thought tee hee.
    2. Dr. Hartmann, M.D. 😀 And here I could’ve sworn I decided against med school…or, wait…does M.D. stand for Mistress Dev? *smirks*
    3. He can’t cross his fingers. Well…she could help him…commence devvy scene *evil grin*


    1. paging Dr Hartman… please give Ben Viagra so he and Sherry can have sex already!!! 🙂 lol i’m happy you enjoyed it. It was fun and easy to write. I might scatter some text conversations between them throughout. 🙂

      1. Pfft! Forget Viagra, Miss DJ. I’m prescribing Ben a shot of Trimix so that they can get it on, baby! Okay. Weirdo, out.

        1. lol yes but Ben is still shy and he’s not going to ask Sherry to shoot up his junk just yet… even tho she’s more than capable lol 🙂 Silly Hartmann 🙂

  6. Oh, DJ, I’m so behind reading stories! I’m living a nomad’s life at the moment, doggy-sitting/house-sitting leaping from place to place it is an easy summer job but I’m a bit out of sorts, lol! I just had to take a sec to tell you I enjoyed the epistolary format of a chapter via texts! Great idea! I promise I’ll come back with more comments, but just wanted to get a quick comment in! 🙂

    1. forgiven i think i’m behind a week with yours too… 😉 my only excuse is summer vacation and mom life… 🙂

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