A Thousand Sweet Kisses: Chapter Seven

Do I really need to say anything more that sofa night? *cheesy grin*

“Nice car Ben,” Sherry says, taking in his shiny minivan.

“Be nice, Sherry!” Ben says, digging his keys from his pouch.

“No, seriously my clients would all be drooling over it,” Sherry responds, completely straight faced.

“You laugh, I don’t want an in with the mommy set, young lady, I want an in with you,” Ben teases, dragging his knuckles down her arm. He clicks the button on his key fob that opens the door and lowers the ramp.

“Automatic doors, Man, that’s got to be amazing when you’re wrestling 2 kids and an armful of groceries,” Sherry marvels at Ben’s tricked out car.

“You’re being serious aren’t you?” Ben asks, laughing out loud.

“Of course I’m being serious! I have to listen to a lot of minivan debates in my profession,” Sherry smiles. “The automatic door feature is a big one for Mommies I hear.”

“Just what I want, to be the envy of soccer mom’s everywhere,” Ben sighs, and chuckles. “Go ahead and sit in the passenger seat, it’ll take me just a minute to get in,” Ben explains, as the ramp automatically extends to the curb.

Sherry opens her door and climbs in; she fastens her seat belt, and looks at the driver’s side. It differs greatly from her car, but she thinks she can piece together how it works. There are more switches, control panels, joysticks, and knobs, it looks more like a cockpit that the driver’s seat. It’s fascinating, and she’s intrigued to see how it all works.

“Hey Ben, could we stop at my car, I just want to get the picnic basket and make sure it’s secured, before I leave it. Do you mind?” Sherry asks, watching him pull up into the driver’s spot, hearing the ramp retract and the door click closed.

“Of course we can stop at your car,” Ben says, locking his wheels, and adjusting his seat belt. He starts pushing buttons with his knuckles, and the car hums to life. He positions his hands in what looks like, a sort of tripod joystick; he grabs a similar looking stick attached to the steering wheel.

“I really can drive Ben, I’m ok,” Sherry offers.

“Beautiful women who fall in my lap after drinking a beer don’t drive themselves home, Sherry,” Ben explains matter of factly.

“I tripped on my shoes,” Sherry offers in explanation, for the third time.

“No protesting, besides, driving makes me feel manly,” Ben explains.

“Ahh, chivalry again, Are you sure about tomorrow? You don’t have plans?” she asks, as he pulls out into traffic.

“I do have plans, to pick you up tomorrow, take you out for breakfast and bring you to get your car,” Ben explains with his cheeky grin.

“Ohh, I LOVE breakfast!” Sherry exclaims, warming up to the idea. “But, what if a client calls,” She asks, thinking through her clients due for delivery.

“Are you expecting clients?” he asks.

“My clients are all expecting, things happen, I’m always on call,” Sherry explains. “My best guess is no one’s got anything going on for a few days, but it’s a full moon this week,” Sherry says, thinking out loud.

“If something happens tonight, call me. I can be on the road in 30 minutes. Just promise you won’t mind if I come in my pajamas,” Ben offers.

“Of course not, but Ben, are you sure? I promise, I can drive,” Sherry pleads, not wanting to inconvenience him.

“Not happening young lady, unless you don’t want to see me tomorrow?” Ben asserts.

“Oh no, nothing like that Ben,” Sherry says, reaching over to touch his leg reassuringly.

“Here’s your car, hop out, I’ll drive around the block, ok?” Ben says, confident she won’t refuse.

“Ok, Ben,” Sherry concedes. Hmm he’s a little bit stubborn, but I know he means well, it’s kind of sweet. Please, please, don’t let anyone pop tonight, Sherry pleads with the universe.

Sherry jumps out and unlocks her car, she opens the back and grabs the picnic basket. She makes sure all is secure, tells her precious burnt orange SUV to be safe, and watches for Ben to come back around the block.

In a few minutes he’s slowing down, she runs around his car, and jumps back in.

“Everything squared away?” Ben asks.

“Yes, hoping my car will be ok.” Sherry confides.


“This is a good, safe, part of downtown. You’re in a free parking zone. We’ll come back as soon as we can tomorrow,” Ben assures her. “And if you need me tonight, I’ll be your knight in shining Tilite.”

“TiLite?” Sherry asks, confused.

Ben laughs, “It’s the brand of my chair.”

“Ohh,” Sherry says understanding. “Funny Ben… I love that you’re so confident, and comfortable with who you are, it’s kind of hot,” Sherry explains, squeezing his thigh again. Ugh, if only she knew how unconfident I am about certain things, sure I’m comfortable with myself, but there’s a lot I’m not comfortable with too. There’s also a lot I worry she won’t be comfortable with, the more she knows.

“Don’t make me blush Sherry, it’s much more flattering on you, and I’m trying to drive,” Ben says, pulling onto the main road. “Where are we going anyway?”

They drive through town to Sherry’s apartment, laughing, and chatting along the way. They come to find out they don’t live too far apart either, just a few blocks.

“That was a mean trick you pulled on me earlier Sherry,” Ben scolds.

“What trick?” Sherry asks, to understand.

“Teasing me, about stairs,” Ben confesses, mashing the elevator button with his knuckle.

“I’m sorry Ben, I couldn’t resist a little tease. Be assured, if we couldn’t do something or go somewhere, I will be just as frustrated as you are and I’ll try and be considerate of those things with you,” Sherry explains, squeezing Ben’s shoulder. I’m glad she gets it on some level, she’s full of surprises this one.

The elevator opens, and they walk down the hall a ways before Sherry pauses at her door. She tries to juggle the picnic basket and digs in her purse, after her keys. Ben sees the struggle, he grabs the picnic basket between his hands, pulling it onto his lap.

“Thanks Ben,” Sherry says, finally pulling out her keys and getting them in the door.

Sherry swings the door open and flips on the lights. She moves into her apartment, and sets the picnic basket on her kitchen table. “Come on in Ben,” Sherry calls toward the door, turning to see him carefully angling his chair and watching the sides, to be sure he comes in just right. Sherry opens the door wider, hoping it will help. She leans into it with her hip, watching as Ben makes slight adjustments until he cruises through.

“That was tricksy,” Sherry comments.

“Not all doors are friendly,” Ben passes it off, with a grin.


“I’m glad you made it in,” Sherry leans down, to kiss his yummy smirky mouth. “Ok, sofa…” Sherry turns towards her living room, suddenly aware, it’s not very tidy, or wheelchair friendly. She blushes, “Let me just clean up a bit.” I have to be better about this, making sure if he comes over, he’s comfortable… I’m not sure I really like that old chair anyway….

Ben laughs, watching as she starts fluttering around the room, collecting stray items, clothes, and papers. She pushes a chair and ottoman out of the way, making a wide path for Ben to the sofa. She walks back toward him, carrying an armful of assorted stuff and kicks at the pile of her shoes by the front door, so he won’t run them over.

“Now, that is an impressive shoe collection, Sherry” Ben says, eyeing the pile.

“I told you I love shoes! I hate wearing them, I take them off as soon as I can, obviously,” she says, kicking a stray sandal back on the pile. “That’s not even half of it you should see my closet.”

“I appreciate a woman with a fondness for footwear,” Ben reminds her.

“Just don’t run over my Tieks, they were a present when I completed midwifery school,” Sherry issues a stern warning.


“Ohh, I know a pair of Tieks when I see them,” Ben says with a wink. I knew she had good taste in shoes…

Sherry dumps the pile of stuff on the table, and starts working her shoes off, to add to the pile. “Why don’t you go get on the sofa Ben, I’m going to deal with my clutter, and find the take out menus,” Sherry offers.

“Sure thing,” Ben says. He eyes her sofa hoping it’s as comfy as it looks, and hoping transferring onto it isn’t a nightmare. At least she has wood floors, the odd area rug here and there but wood floors are good.

Ben rolls up to the sofa, contemplating his approach. He hears Sherry puttering around.

“Do you want something to drink, Ben?she calls to him from the kitchen.

“Some water would be great Sherry, Thanks,” he offers in response, parking his chair and locking the brakes. Ben hooks his hand behind the knee closest to the couch, so it falls on the floor. He braces his hands on either side of his seat and starts trying to shift his weight forward, scooting his backside closer to the edge. He pushes his hand into the pillowy cushion, watching it sink in. Yep, that’s a comfy couch, he observes. I think getting in will be ok, getting out… well; I guess we’ll wait and see. He pushes his hand deeper into the cushion and continues pulling and dragging his body forward, with one final pull, he has the momentum he needs and lands snuggly on the sofa. He adjusts his legs and pushes his chair out of the way, just in time for Sherry to walk in with several multi-colored paper menus in her hands, and a glass of water.

“Well, you look comfy, good!” She says, dropping the menus on the sofa beside him and handing him the water. He reaches out with both hands towards the glass, Sherry’s hands meet his and she helps secure the glass in his hand, with her own. Her fingers tickle over the back, where he feels her and he can’t help but smile. She’s learning, she’s thinking, She’s going to make me lazy… he laughs to himself.

“Do you mind if I move the ottoman back over? I moved it so you’d have room, but I love to put my feet up when I’m curled up on the couch,” she explains.

“Of course not, you be comfy too. Heck, I’ll put my feet up if it means we can keep playing footsies,” Ben says, with a chuckle.

Sherry pushes the ottoman from the opposite end of the room, until it’s just in front of where Ben is sitting.

“May I?” she asks, sitting on the ottoman, and reaching towards his legs.

Ben swallows hard, and nods. Why am I nervous? She’s been touching me all day?

Sherry leans toward him and reaches under his knee, pulling it up, then slides her hand down, over what used to be muscular calves and sets it down. She repeats with his other leg. Sherry sighs softly, seeing his legs stretched out in front of him. It seems slow to Ben, but probably just his imagination. She seems to have a kind of reverence for his body… That’s a silly dumbass idea dude! Why would she revere my body of all things? I hope someday she might be ok with it, but I don’t think it’s ever going to be something she’s attracted to…

Sherry crawls across the ottoman, coming close with a flirty smile on her face. Ben can’t help himself, he reaches up to caress her cheek, and guide her in for a tender kiss. She’s so special this woman, so accepting and open. I know it’d be crazy to believe she’ll be this accepting of everything in my life, and I’m probably silly to hope, but I do…


Sherry closes her eyes enjoying the surprise. Ben’s hand on her cheek, it feels like it’s meant to touch her face and his kisses are so delicious, like long drinks of wine, she could get drunk on. Her whole body relaxes, despite the fact she’s on her hands and knees, hovering over his body. She closes her eyes and drinks it in, losing herself a little more. His lips brush over hers in one last sip of a kiss, and her whole body sighs. Reality floods back into her brain. She pauses though, to stare into his eyes for a quick minute, before she plops herself beside him, snuggling into his shoulder, and rubbing one foot over his knee.  

“I think I have every menu possible for delivery, what sounds good?” Sherry asks, shuffling them into Ben’s lap like a deck of cards, reading them off. “Indian, Thai, Chinese, Korean Barbecue… Ya know, at the park I was thinking Chinese… slurping up noodles and garlicky kisses between bites. I don’t know, now that I’m thinking about it, Indian sounds amazing too, spicy, exotic…Pick our poison Ben,” Sherry challenges raising an eyebrow.

Sherry snuggles in close, she plays footsies and they pick and choose, both what to order for dinner and watch. They snuggle into the squishy sofa, leaning into each other close as can be.  

When the food arrives, Sherry jumps up off the couch and runs to answer the door and pay for it, before Ben can even sit up and get into the pocket of his chair for his card. They bicker about it, a little bit, but what’s done is done. Sherry paid for dinner. She walks back to the sofa carrying bags.

“I have a little TV table, I’m going to get, and do you need more water?” Sherry asks setting the bag down on the ottoman, by Ben’s feet.

“Sherry, I would’ve bought dinner,” Ben pouts.

Sherry walks over with the little table, setting it up in front of Ben, “So, I bought dinner, it was easier Ben, and no trouble. Are you sad I saved you the trouble of getting up?” She sits down and starts opening the bag.

“No, I’m not. It’s actually kind of awesome that you just did, you didn’t even think twice about it. You’re unflappable, everything is just kind of normal to you isn’t it? Still, I think I may feel a little hurt, my manly pride…” Ben explains, with a mock pout.

“Chivalry again?” Sherry asks. She leans in close to Ben, stealing a little kiss from his pouty mouth. “Ok… hmm, how can we balance this out, when I buy dinner you get to pick the movie or,” Sherry shudders. “The sport we watch on TV that night,”

“That’s an awesome deal!” Ben agrees, enthusiastically. “Why did you shudder, oh Sherry, No sports? Really?” Ben can’t believe it. Well, I guess I can believe it, lots of girls don’t like sports, but we were clicking so well…

“I enjoy live sports, something about being in the arena watching it happen, walking around, grabbing a beer, and eating a hot dog, I enjoy that! On TV meh, it loses some of its luster, the atmosphere is missing.” Sherry explains. “You can watch sports as much as you like Ben, I’ll even snuggle up on the couch with you while we watch, bring you a beer, but don’t judge me if I read or something, deal?”

“Deal,” Ben agrees, sealing their bargain with a kiss.

Sherry opens the bag and unpacks the containers, opening each one and smelling it. She hands Ben a fork and she takes some chopsticks. They dig in feeding each other bites, laughing, and joking. Sharing slippery sesame kisses between bites of noodles, and pieces of broccoli and bok choy.

Sherry moans, “It’s so delicious… I feel like all we’ve done since we met is talk about food. I like food too much!”She says, rubbing her full tummy as evidence.

“I like food too, I’m a total foodie,” Ben explains. “Don’t tell Tom, that man is a beast, and takes working out way too seriously. One advantage being “The New Ben” has brought me is not having to be his gym buddy, doesn’t stop him encouraging me to work out how I can though, standing frames and hand powered bicycles. I also enjoy not drinking tofu and greens smoothies for breakfast, or eating nothing but boiled chicken and sweet potatoes for weeks on end.”

“I noticed your cute belly, Ben,” Sherry confesses resting her hand over the bulge of his midsection.”

Ben busts out laughing, “That’s not being a foodie Sherry. That’s me having no ab muscles to hold anything in,” he explains. “Sometimes, I miss having a flat stomach. I used to happily be Tom’s buddy, we ran marathons, went to the gym every day. I was ripped.”

“Ohh, well, it’s still adorable, and it helps me not feel so bad about feeding you butter and sugar,” Sherry announces, with a kiss on his cheek. “Remind me to send you home with a few tarts too!”

“Twist my arm,” Ben responds, leaning in for another kiss.

They slow down, they relax into the sofa and into each other, getting lost in the comedy they chose. Sherry is soon tucked under Ben’s arm, and against his chest. She fits so well there, like she’s meant to. Ben tries to shift his body without disturbing her; he can tell she’s fallen asleep. It’s so sweet to hold her, she’s relaxed and peaceful. He brushes a stray hair behind her ear and watches, soon drifting off himself.   

They’re both jolted awake awhile later by the harsh sound of Ben’s cell phone going off. Sherry stretches sleepily against Ben, and he senses that familiar tap in his brain, the tap that’s been bugging him for months now. The tap reminding him, it would like female companionship. I could get used to this, waking up next to a beautiful woman, watching her body stretch open against me. He feels it, the awareness kind of humming in his skin.

Sherry sits up, rubbing her eyes, as the realization of what happened hits her, she blushes. “Sorry Ben, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I keep odd hours and sometimes I just pass out, without meaning to,” she explains.

“I passed out too, don’t apologize it felt good, to hold you,” Ben explains.

“Ohh,” Sherry’s eyes blink quickly, flattered. “It felt good to me too, safe,” she explains resting her head on his shoulder again. “Did you miss a call or?” Sherry asks remembering his phone.

Ben reaches for his shirt pocket, pushing, and nudging his phone out of it. He wakes it up, “It’s a text from Tom, Wow, it’s later than I realized. He wants to know if I’ll be home soon is all,” Ben explains, texting him back. Ugh, I wish I could stay, I wish I didn’t have to go, How is she ever going to understand I need help to bed…

“Ohh, ok, of course, Here let me just get rid of this, and how about I get you those tarts,” She kisses him quickly on the cheek before standing up to collect containers and disappearing into the kitchen.

Ben leans forward pushing his feet off the ottoman and trying to push it out of the way. He pulls his chair close and starts shifting his body around to transfer back into it. It takes less than a minute and he’s settling his feet on the footplate. He spins around toward the kitchen. He watches Sherry putter around, in cabinets, in drawers, and in the fridge. She finally notices him watching her and she smiles. She fits the lid on a container and walks towards him.

He surprises her… pulling her toward him so she sits across his lap. His tarts rest smartly in her lap. He takes both his hands and caresses her face with his knuckles and pulls her in close to kiss her deeply again. She doesn’t protest, she just gives a little whimper of submission; her hands come around and squeeze gently into his shoulders. His tongue dips and tastes into her mouth. Her lips are full and lax as he lazily drinks kiss after kiss from them. It’s torture pulling himself away, but he doesn’t want to inconvenience or upset Tom.

Ben tears himself away. “It’s late, I’d better go, I have a hot date in the morning,” Ben says with a grin and a wink. “Pick you up out front of the building at 9?” Ben offers, breathing deep to find his wits.

Sherry’s totally flushed, still in a daze from his good night kiss. “Yes, out front at nine, I’ll see you,” She mumbles, staggering to her feet. She tucks the tarts in his lap and gives  him one last kiss on the cheek, before he sails down the hall.


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  1. Bahahahahaha! Quad belly was the best part!! Now I’m convinced Ben’s actually a low para. Just tells everyone he’s a quad so that he can pig out 😛 Seriously though, ma’am, very cute chapter. And with some tidbits of solemn in there, i.e. the subject of chivalry as a man, which I totally appreciate.

    B, you should’ve spent the night, silly boy! S could’ve cathed you. We could’ve read about it. Duh!!

    1. I like the quad belly part too… hahaha had to make the devs happy… 🙂 Sometimes I worry I’m making Ben too para-ish to be a quad haha hope not… eek! I don’t write ben doing anything i haven’t seen quads doing on youtube or verifying with quads that it can be done tho… hopefully that helps….
      Glad you liked it my dear! 🙂

      Lol…. Sherry does have medical training… haha *scribbles idea for future scene*

  2. *happy sigh*
    A very enjoyable chapter ma’am. I’m going to nibble on it again before I get more detailed in my little comment here. I just had to let you know that you’ve done it again with another fantastic chapter!

    1. Aww see Miss Lu thats exactly how I feel about reading your chapters! 🙂
      Tomorrow’s Wednesday wahoo!! 🙂
      I’m so pleased to share Devotion House with you and the other talented writers here. 🙂

  3. Another excellent chapter this couple gets cuter and cuter with their interactions together. It’s refreshing to see them get closer and closer with each other and playful slowly building up to the intimacy, teasing us with the kisses. I can’t wait till they get frisky

    1. spoken like a man, Anonymous… so pleased you like it. They are cute i love they’re cute and silly. 🙂 They’re definitely circling around eachother both wanting to go full steam but practicing caution. 🙂

  4. Okay, here we go, a few more comments as promised!
    I love that Ben cares so much for Sherry that he insists on driving her home, despite her protests! I also love Sherry’s Burnt Orange SUV, I happen to be fond of bright colors in cars, so I loved that! It is nice that Sherry is aware of accessibility issues and that Ben appreciates that she is thinking of those things without him necessarily having to educate her on the subject and that he appreciates it. I totally identify with Sherry as she’s dashing around her apartment to clean up, because I’d totally have to do that too! Loved the bit where Sherry subtly secure his glass where Ben is aware, but not because she makes a big deal, it is precisely because it isn’t a big deal that he is aware of it. Also the bit where Sherry asks to put Ben’s feet on the ottoman, lovely!I also really enjoyed the fact that they were comfortable enough with each other that they were easily able to fall asleep curled up with each other. DJ, I think we are part of the mutual admiration club, I am loving your story and look forward to each chapter! *hugs* 🙂

    1. Awesome…. I appreciate your insight and comments so much, I look forward to them. 🙂 My Ben said this was his favorite chapter so far. I’m so glad all of that is coming across! I’m working to finish ch 8. Its coming soon!!

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