A Thousand Sweet Kisses: Chapter Ten



Ohh geez, she looks like sex in high heels! Ben sees her on the sidewalk in front of her building in dark wash blue jeans. Her hair is down and wildly curly. She’s wearing a bright red and black top with a swirly paisley pattern, made of some kind of sheer silky fabric, it hugs and flatters her breasts and curve so beautifully. On her perfect feet, high heels with pointed toes, they’re wildly glittery, bright red at the toe fading to black at the heel. Looks like Dorothy wants to play dirty in her ruby slippers… Damn! Ben thinks to himself sucking in a breath to repress the arousal his brain is registering.

Ben pulls up to the curb, freeing his hand from the steering mechanism. He reaches to turn up the air-conditioning to help him cool off. Sherry struts right up to the door with a huge smile on her face.

“Hi handsome!”

“Wow, Sherry you look amazing…”

“Stop Ben…” Sherry blushes, leaning over to kiss him. It’s short, it’s sweet, but speaks to how much she missed him.

“Let’s get going… I expect this place is hopping on a Saturday night.”




“There’s a twenty minute wait for a table, you can wait in our lobby or the bar,” the hostess says gesturing in both directions.

“What do you think sexy, the bar?” Ben asks.

“That works.”

Ben and Sherry make their way through the crowded restaurant toward the bar. There are no tables here, and only barstools again…  Ben pulls around the corner of the bar to a single empty barstool at the end. He motions for Sherry to sit.

“Are you sure Ben, it’s loud and hard to talk,” Sherry leans in to ask.

“Of course, I’m sure, this is fine, sit, it’s not for very long and we can order a drink. I’m used to these situations Sherry, it’s no big deal. I appreciate you’re mindful about them but it’s really ok. We’ll hang out here and have a drink until our table is ready. What do you want?”

“Mmm, Margarita!”

The bartender comes up and addresses Sherry asking what they’d like, before she can answer Ben chimes in, pushing up on his rims to sit up taller.

“I’ll take a beer, the Belgian wheat ale, and my lady will have a margarita please, Can we start a tab and add our meal to it?”

“Sure, no problem.” The bartender seems a taken aback, as if he didn’t expect Ben to talk, but he takes the order and gets to work on their drinks.

Wow, it’s like they didn’t see him? I wonder if that’s common? It’s odd to me if a couple comes up  to the bar they’d usually address the man over the woman? I wonder?  I am grateful to sit though, man these heels are pinching my toes like crazy…

“Ben, is that normal?”

“Is what normal?”

“The bartender… it was like he didn’t even see you?”

“He may not have, that bar is high and I have a “natural” slouch.”

“He could see you, I watched his eyes just brush past you to talk to me, typically if a couple comes up to a bar together they always ask the man, like it’s some sexist rule.”

“A lot of people pretend not to see me now, I’m over it, Don’t let it bother you. I asserted myself and I don’t mind doing it, makes me feel gentlemanly and all that. It happens all the time and it’s probably good you noticed, spend enough time with me you’ll see it again and again. Also I hear from friends that people will think you’re my aide before they think you’re my date.”

“Well, we’ll just have to set them straight on that won’t we handsome, what’s your preferred method? Should I sit in your lap and kiss you passionately? Or let you grab my ass?”

Ben busts out laughing, “Ahh I found the right girl! We’ll play it by ear, but you are free to take a seat and kiss me whenever you like.”

“I like the sound of that, I’ve thought about that quite a bit lately.”

“Oh, have you now?”

“Yes, I have, being close to you, kissing you, just wishing and wanting to be close to you. Geez Ben, we’ve only known each other a week and I want to spend every waking minute with you!”

“It’s so mutual Sherry. I like looking at you from this angle.”

“Really now, Why is that Ben?”

“Not sure, something about being able to see all of you… perfect eye level etc…You look amazing tonight, I won’t stop telling you! Those shoes are insane!”

“You noticed the newest addition to my obsession? Are they too much? I will confess they hurt a lot. I have to get a feel for them still! Right now it feels like my toes are trying to be forced into that tight little point. I haven’t found my stride yet.”

“I think you wear them very well! They’re sexy as hell Sherry, they’re giving me ideas…”

“Oh, my Ben… ideas huh?”

“Yes ideas, that shouldn’t be discussed just yet…” he laughs, and shifts in his chair a bit. “I’m sorry they’re hurting you, why don’t you slip ‘em off and stretch your toes a little?’

“That’s all I want to do but I was waiting until we got to our table so no one would see…” Sherry laughs. She reaches down to grab off a shoe and stretches and wiggles her toes.




Holy sexy, that was stupid Ben… Her toes are painted to match her shoes, glittering little rubies I want to suck!  He can see the lines on her feet and how those shoes have hugged and held her toes together. When she stretches and wiggles her toes to stretch them out, he has to breathe deeply to keep himself from moaning out loud.  Get it together Ben… you’ve seen her bare feet before… you’ve watched them for hours playing footsies with you stroking up and down your legs… Not helping…  

“A new polish color?”  

“Ohh, yes, you noticed that too! So observant tonight! I had some free time this week and sparkly red reminded me of summer, of candy apples and the 4th of July.”

“They should come with a warning label. Sherry, has anyone told you-you have really perfect, sexy feet?”

Sherry bursts out laughing “That’s a new one on me Ben, they just make me feel pretty, I told you.”  

“Well all of you is sexy, but those are special.”

The bartender pops up with their drinks right then, saving Ben from his dangerous line of thought. Sherry helps secure the glass in his hand and he finds himself drinking deeply to try and clear his head.

“I really missed you this week,” Sherry confesses tracing the pointed toe of her high heel up along his leg. Geez, it’s such a rush when she does that…

“I missed you too, it was a long week. I’m still not sure how I’m going to spend the summer. I should visit my parents, I’ve thought about doing some tutoring too.”

“I try to take fewer clients in the summer 3-4 instead of 5-6 a month. So I can enjoy the beautiful weather and maybe find myself on a beach at some point.”

“Well, I am hoping we can spend some time together this summer,” Ben says with a wink.

“I think that can be arranged, I want to spend more time with you too.”


Sherry leans forward to kiss him, as the pager vibrates on the bar letting them know their table is ready.




“Holy Cow Ben, you weren’t kidding they have every kind of taco! They all sound delicious too. How do you choose?”

“I’m not sure, I’ve always just ordered one of each…”

“That’s like 9 tacos, Ben!”

“Well, they’re small, look around…3-4 bites tops.”

“Hmm, I do want to try them all, the vegetarian ones sound especially delicious! Mushrooms and peppers with Kale slaw, YUM!”

“I knew you’d see it my way! I love the fish taco and the one with pork and pineapple.”

“Ok, but I have a confession,” Her face portraying a mock seriousness.

“Oh, What is it?”

“I love food. I’ve told you, I mean it’s obvious, we are always talking about food! but,” Sherry lowers her voice to a whisper. “I am the biggest wimp when it comes to spice, like the teeniest bit and I’m burning up. You can laugh it’s silly, I just feel like if my mouth is on fire how can I taste anything. Promise you’ll warn me if anything is too spicy?”

“Of course, I will, more for me that way,” Ben says with a chuckle and a wink.

“And can we order a side or 2 of crema? I know I’m silly and I’m not picky about food honestly, it’s just this one thing… ugh and weird cheese,” Sherry crinkles her nose in disgust.

“I don’t like weird cheese either,” Ben agrees.

A perky waitress soon appears to take their order. She gets them each another drink and iced tea. When she asks what they’d like to eat, Ben and Sherry answer in unison, “Two of each.”

They chat and pass time thinking about summer and things they could do in the months to come. Sherry gives her feet a break from those shoes and enjoys playing footsies with Ben under the table. They hold hands and relax, enjoying their evening.

When their food comes Sherry’s eyes get big, gazing down at eighteen little works of art lined up perfectly on the plates before them. There are so many colors and each one has a different garnish on top. Ben was right they aren’t very big but I don’t know how I’ll eat them they’re so pretty…

“Oh my gosh Ben, they’re beautiful!”

The waitress tries to point out which is which and Ben kindly asks her to indicate which ones might be spicy for Sherry’s benefit. She leaves them with a smile.

“Oh, I have to try the veggie one first. I told you I love veggies didn’t I?”

“Yes you did,” Ben says with a chuckle.

Sherry gives Ben’s hand one last squeeze before seizing a taco off the nearest plate to take a bite. Ben has a look of concentration on his face she can’t quite place, but the thought quickly leaves her head when the first bite of taco passes her lips… an explosion of flavor, delicious earthy mushrooms, and rich roasted pepper freshened up with the crisp vinegary kale slaw. Sherry can’t help but moan softly. It breaks Ben’s concentration and he looks up at her to smile. He’s carefully pushing and nudging a taco around trying to get his hand under it, holding his other hand close to help.

Ahh, thats what he’s so focused on… Sherry quickly finishes her taco so her hands are free to help Ben if he asks… She kills time by taking a sip of her drink. Should I ask? I don’t want to ask? Maybe we should talk about this… Sherry thinks to herself while she watches Ben continue trying to pick up a taco. I’d hate to break his concentration, I’d hate him to think I judge him or pity him or think less of him in any way…

“Ben…” Sherry asks tentatively, “Is it hard to ask for help? I mean, I’ll never mind. I don’t want to keep you from doing anything you can do or even trying to do things, I don’t want to…” Sherry trails off.

Ben raises his eyes to meet hers, “Sometimes it is, I always want to push myself. Every other time I’ve been here it’s been with Tom and he just helps. He thinks that way and I’m thankful for it. I thought I could do this myself but I can’t quite work out how. If you could just pick it up and put it in my hand I’ll be good.”

“Gladly…but first I have one other small thing to put there,” Sherry reaches out and pulls his hand close to her, tucking a kiss inside his palm.

Tacos are eaten, laughs and conversation flow freely. They both feel relaxed and content together again. They quickly find their rhythm and enjoy their time reconnecting after a week apart.

“Oh, Ben I’m so full, and despite the 2 sides of crema, my mouth is on fire! I think you’ll have to live with spicy kisses tonight!”

“Spicy kisses, my favorite kind!”

“It’s still early, not even seven. What do you want to do next, any ideas?”

“Can cuddling be on the agenda?”

“Yes please!” Sherry says perking up. “Wanna go back to my place? Oh, and um can we stop at a grocery store on the way? I need a pint of ice cream to put my fire out!”

“Cuddling and ice cream? You’re spoiling me!”




“I can’t believe of all the ice cream flavors possible in a pint you got vanilla with caramel Ben! I might have to take your foodie card!”

“Hey, no judging….it’s perfectly a foodie thing to enjoy the simplicity of vanilla with caramel. I’m a purist, not a simpleton,” Ben says holding his spoon in his mouth to weave his fingers around.

“I just didn’t peg you as a vanilla kind of guy.”

“Well, you learned something new about me didn’t you?” Ben says turning to offer Sherry kiss.

“This is much better than spicy kisses, but the tacos were amazing.”

“I’m glad you liked them, but I think this is my favorite part of our date… tucked into your sofa, snuggled up, sharing kisses, and ice cream.”

“I’m inclined to agree,” Sherry says, tracing cold kisses along Ben’s jaw.

“I’ll even forgive you for getting banana ice cream.”

“Hey don’t knock my ice cream… What has banana ever done to you?”

“I’ll remind you, you were just knocking mine. There’s nothing wrong, I guess, I like banana just not banana in things. Give me a banana, pre-peeled preferably and I’m fine but, banana bread, cake, pudding… not so much.”

“Ugh, Ben it’s like eating frozen Banana cream pie!” Sherry says rolling her eyes.

“I do like pie! I think it’s why you won me over with tarts, they’re like pie…”

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… are you being cliche Ben?”

“Guilty, I guess.”

She’s so close to me, she’s all over me and touching me, damn it’s nice to be touched and kissed and close to a woman again. She smells like summer flowers and sunshine. I haven’t felt this good in so long. Then there’s those damn ruby red toes of her’s stroking up and down my legs and kicking my feet around. Not to mention the evidence she was playing footsies with me at dinner. Ben recalls he had to put a foot back on the footplate of his chair when they left.

“Well if the way to your heart is through your stomach I probably have the key don’t I?”

“I think you’ve made a valiant effort at picking the lock so far”

“You haven’t done so bad yourself buddy,” Sherry says, trailing her ice cold kisses down his neck.

Oh God, that’s heaven… my skin feels so hot and her lips are so cold. Her hands… damn her hands keep rubbing up and down my chest and shoulders where I can feel her and where I can’t. Ben feels his pulse quicken and his brain is lighting up with so many signals, delicious ones that threaten his control. He finds himself wishing he could pull her closer into him, tighter against him. You wouldn’t feel it anyway bonehead, come on, this is just cuddling nothing more…. She probably doesn’t want to do that, you just met. Put the brakes on, talk, laugh, cuddle, enjoy… Ahh, fuck it…

Ben shakes the spoon out of his grasp and pushes the pint of ice cream he’s holding against the sofa cushion to knock it out of his hand. He raises his hands and captures her face between them bringing her mouth to his to drink greedily from it. Their icy lips meeting with heat, tongues dancing and chill melting away quickly into scorching heat. It was minutes, or hours maybe they drank and enjoyed this first tangle into intimacy, both seemingly starved for the attention and delight it woke up.

They finally break to catch their breath, trying to clear away the insane fire filling them both. Sherry doesn’t break for long before she’s put her own ice cream down and straddles his lap, kissing along his jaw ready to drink again. Her nose nuzzles his cheek and her lips plumped and sexy from their kiss trail down his neck. All he can do is tip his head back against the cushion and breathe deeply.

Her mouth finds his ear and her clever little tongue starts flicking it, then her teeth take gentle tiny nibbles on it. A sound he hasn’t heard in a long time frees itself from his chest and he hears himself moan. I haven’t done that in awhile….  Her hands start carefully quickly unbuttoning his shirt. And her still cold hands seek out his fevered skin underneath. Another moan breaks free as her lips start trailing down his throat and trach scar. Little kisses are scattered along his collarbone and her hand caresses down his chest.

How could I have known inside this amazing, beautiful woman who blushes when I compliment her there was also this… this fire starting sex kitten…  all of me wants her…. Wants to meet her fire drive it up and show her how sexy she is….. come on Ben be that guy be this guy…. Be the player who got any woman he wanted…. But I don’t want to play… I want to keep…. And for the first time ever he found himself not concerned with his pleasure but hers…..


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  1. *fans self!!!!** Oooh weee….that was one HOT chapter! Lucky Ben and Sherry!!!

    Ps: Note to self – do not read hot steamy stories at work !

  2. OMG OMG that was one hot chapter. Ben is so lucky to have a hot girl like that. DJ don’t burn the website down with the hot stories, because this is so damn good

    1. Lol if I haven’t burnt it down with Tangling or my “I am Devotee” entry I think we’re safe for now…. thank you ever and always fir your support my friend.

  3. WOW! I don’t even consider myself to be a quad kind of girl, but I LOVE Ben and want him for myself. 🙂 And this chapter – holy smokes, it’s so freakin’ hot I’m squirming!

  4. There’s something about quads…. I’ve said it at least a dozen times… 🙂 As for Ben get in line girl every week someone wants a piece of him. 🙂

  5. Miss DJ,

    My apologies for being so late to the game, ma’am! These two are getting hot and heavy. Woooweee! Love that they’re still just a couple humble foodies *smirks* Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Oh, and this: “For the first time ever he found himself not concerned with his pleasure but hers…..” *high fives Ben*


    P.S. – My only beef with B & S is their shared aversion to weird cheeses. I mean, c’mon!! 😛

    1. ohh thats ok you still made it to the party Miss Ann fashionably late and all 🙂 I do think that is one of my most favorite lines… 🙂 BEn is sure learning and growing a lot in the chapter and the next…. 😉

      as for weird cheese… more for you babe… more for you!! 🙂

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