A Thousand Sweet Kisses: Chapter Three

I’d say “You might just be worth it My Ben” but,  you prove to me every day you are….

Sherry walks in the door and drops her bags wherever they fall. It’s been a good night, a lot of work, but everything went wonderfully. She stretches and tries to shake the exhaustion from her body… spending hours on your knees and on your back was hard on anybody. Brad was incredible, truly a fantastic partner. It took Tisha awhile to warm up but once she found her focus she was the star of the night! Rightfully so, as it was all about her to begin with.  Everything went so smoothly and perfectly. Four hours of work and everyone is satisfied, happy, and safe….

Sherry pushes past the fatigue in her body and walks toward the kitchen. She’s desperate for some water, and a snack. Looking at the counter she sees all of the stuff she bought at the farmers market sitting out still. Thankfully, nothing she bought would spoil, but it was past time to take care of it. She fills the sink full of cold water to give everything a good rinse. Her mind wanders back to before she had to work, to the time at the market… and Ben…

Ben… just thinking about him makes her smile. Thinking about him makes her hope she wasn’t too forward or crazy just giving him her phone number like that. She’d never done it before, well, she’d never really been asked for her number before either. In that push comes to shove moment when she knew she had to leave, being bold and offering him her phone number had seemed the best way to take a chance. Now the ball was in his court. I wonder how long it will take him to call… Ugh or how long before I forget about the fun little flirtation that will ultimately just be a “good night at the farmer’s’ market” that led nowhere. You kissed him… Ugh, you kissed him you moron. He probably thinks you’re desperate!

Sherry continues mentally chastising herself in a huff, while she gets everything cleaned up and put away. She grabs a glass of water and cup of yogurt, but forgets them on the counter. She digs into the bags she abandoned by the front door. She can’t help but take a quick glance at her phone, it had been a few hours. No missed calls… no missed messages… Well, at least she could rest tonight. She wasn’t expecting another client for a few days, but her work was unpredictable. I need a shower, she thinks to herself, moving towards the bathroom, discarding clothes along the way.


Is it too late to call? Ben asks himself, looking at his phone resting on the table of his standing frame. It had been about 5 hours since she disappeared into the crowd at the market. Isn’t there some stupid rule about waiting three days before you call a girl you meet at a bar? He’d never had to follow rules before, women just followed him home. Even if he did get a phone number it was replaced by another one before he needed to or remembered to call the ones from the previous night. He tries to shift his focus to the baseball game on the TV, while listening to Tom grunt through another set of sit ups 10 feet away.

“I met a woman at the farmers’ market tonight,” Ben breaks the silence.

“Whoa, what? Buddy that awesome!” Tom stops his sit ups, his eyes questioning Ben for more details.

“Well it was fantastic really, I mean, she’s beautiful. She has a great laugh! She was so excited about everything at the market. She was in her element bubbling around talking to people and so excited about silly things like strawberries,” Ben tapers off.

“And… come on man, what happened?” Tom resumes his grunt work, waiting for more details.

“She was looking for strawberries, and I was looking for peaches. She was eating a peach so I asked her where she found them.  She showed me, I showed her, and I bit the bullet and asked if she wanted to get coffee.” Ben continues, not really sure what to say next.

“Did you get her number?” Tom asks coming up again.

“I did…” Ben continues with hesitation. “But, she had to go soon after we got to the coffee shop, and it was really weird. She got a phone call and it sounded like she was making a date with another guy. When she left she told me she had to work? I’m totally confused, thinking she’s like an escort or something?” Ben explains.

“Whoa, that is weird,” Tom offers. “Well I’ve told you that’s an option…. “

Ben cuts him off before he can start that spiel again. “She was so sweet, and innocent even. The whole night like blushing and shy with me, she doesn’t seem “the type” to be ya know…” Ben adds. “I’ve been staring at my phone all night, wondering what to text her, or even when I should.”

“Text her whenever you want man. If you want to get to know her better or at least solve the mystery you’re gonna have to bite the bullet and get er’ done,” Tom grunts through one last sit up, before turning over to do pushups.

“You’re right… and I do want to get to know her better or at least take a chance and see if…” Ben tapers off again, uncertain.

Ben picks up his phone again resolved to at least try… Geez I don’t even know what to say…. Hey Sherry it’s Ben… How are those tarts? Speaking of tarts…. Are you one? UGH…


Sherry remembers her yogurt and water abandoned on the counter, she grabs them and her phone before heading to the sofa to relax. She’s comfy in her yoga pants and tank top. She’s waiting for her hair to dry a bit before she shoves it into a ponytail thing, so she can call it a night. She collapses into the squishy cushions of the couch, letting it swallow her up. She grabs the remote and starts flipping through the channels, looking for something to watch so her brain can decompress. She settles on a Harry Potter movie and opens her yogurt.

I should make tarts tomorrow. I should just hole up in the kitchen and cook, and bake, and get lost in what makes me happy, she thinks to herself, already trying to prepare herself for the inevitable. Why would he call you? He just wanted peaches, sure he was flirting and charming but… He probably has loads of women falling in his lap… beautiful women, without brain cells… “Take me for a ride Ben” they probably purr at him. UGH! Sherry feels her stomach turn.

Shut up brain, you’re being a bitch… He was flirting with me. He was totally flirting with me, smiling ,winking and teasing. He asked me to feed him a bite of peach for pity’s sake! Maybe he can’t feed himself? She wonders…. He  managed his coffee just fine… Good point! She looks back at the tv screen, trying to tear herself away from her warring inner monologue. She zones out, watching Ron and Hermione bicker about men having the emotional depth of a teaspoon, and dozes off.

“When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom let it be…..”

Sherry startles awake to her phone is going off, thankful for a little sleep, in case it’s a client.

Unknown number: Hey Sherry, it’s Ben… How are those tarts? Hope you had a good night. Put your feet up. I bet those sandals kill after a while. 😉

Oh my gosh!!!! He texted me!!! Ahh, maybe he is into me!! She quickly saves his phone number to her contacts, pondering how to respond.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Hey Ben. Man it was a rough night, rough but rewarding. I’m currently passed out on my couch. My feet are up, you’ll be happy to know. Strawberry tarts on hold till tomorrow morning. How was your night? 🙂

Ben: It was good. I wandered the market a little while after you left. I came home, watered my garden. Now I’m hanging out before bed.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Sounds like a good night. Did you find anything good at the market I may have missed?

Ben: I missed the pretty girl I met there… Sherry I suck at texting. Can I call you in like 10?

Eek he wants to call me!! Deep breath woman you’ve got this… She snuggles deep into the pillowy sofa and kicks her legs with glee.

Sherry the Strawberry Tart Goddess: Sure Ben.


“Tom dude, she texted back, I need to call her.” Ben says, suddenly frantic to get out of his damn frame.

“Five more push ups bro, you should keep standing for another 15 min anyways,” Tom says, on an exhale.”What’d she say?”

“You know how I hate to text… She just said she’d had a rough, but rewarding night and she’s relaxing. Come on man, I have to know if this woman is worth pursuing,” Ben pleads.

“She could be worth pursuing regardless,” Tom says with a wink, getting up and walking toward Ben.

“Ugh, I don’t want to hire a hooker Tom,” Ben says, exasperated. Tom disengages the hydraulics that keep Ben upright and lowers him back down to sit. Ben starts nudging his hands on the velcro strap across his chest while Tom pushes his chair into position.

“I know buddy, it’s just been a long time and it must be killing you. You had such game, and well if anyone knows you miss it, it’s me. We just need to get you back in the game or get a little game on you. Hell, even a wild pony, if that’s more your style,” Tom says.

“Ugh awkward, and a little too honest there pal.” Ben grumbles. Ben pushes each leg behind the knee, swinging his legs out of the frame. He looks to make sure the brakes on his chair are locked before slowly cautiously shuffling his butt back into his chair. Tom pretends to look interested in a hangnail but Ben knows he’s watching. “Tom, you’re a good friend, you’re my best friend, but I’m not sure I’d know what to do with a wild pony if I had one. All that game I had means nothing anymore. The rules changed… “ Ben lets out a deep breath finally settled in his chair. He lifts and shakes each leg before settling each foot on the footplate. He ignores the spasms rippling through his legs, and heads to his bedroom.

Well here goes nothing…. Ben thinks to himself, fighting to get his blue tooth in and locating her phone number and dialing. She answers on the 2nd ring.

“Hi Ben,” she says sweetly. There’s a tingle of excitement in her voice.

“Hey Sherry, relaxing with your feet up huh?” he responds.

“Yes, you’re so right about those shoes but, I love them and beauty is pain right?” She giggles.

“That’s what they say, if beauty is pain keep wearing those crazy shoes, it’s working well for you,” he says relaxing into their conversation.

“Oh,” She says timidly.

“Are you blushing again, Sherry? I can hear it through the phone,” Ben teases. Is it even possible she doesn’t know how beautiful and dazzling she is?

“Haha, you know me so well already? After an hour at the farmer’s’ market you have me pegged, huh Buster,” she counters with playful indignation.

“I don’t know if I know you THAT well yet. I’m just imagining after all. I’m sure you’re quite accustomed to being told you’re beautiful,” he says matter of factly. “So…” Ben hesitates not sure how to ask this next question. “How was work?” Path of least resistance… most accessible… he decides.

“Oh it went really, really well. When I got there Brad was filling the tub, the house was dim and full of candlelight. Tisha was trying to relax but, she was getting pretty worked up already. She felt much better after I arrived,” Sherry starts explaining. “Before we got in the tub, I gloved up and lubed up to get my fingers in her. Then we got in the tub and Brad started massaging her back,” Sherry continues on… “It was so magical… so romantic!”

Ugh, she had a threesome??? Ben is horrified. Well not horrified but… WHOA turbo, you don’t even really know what her work is… “Sherry, forgive me, but what kind of work do you do exactly?” Ben asks cautiously, preparing himself for the truth.


“I’m a midwife….Oh Ben!” Sherry says, groaning, as she realizes everything she’s told him about her evening, and on the phone earlier at the market. “Oh gosh Ben, why did you even call me? The things I said… you must’ve thought….Wait a minute the things I said… ugh, you don’t think I’m like a… “ She can barely say the word, but squeaks it out in a whisper. “Hooker do you?” Ugh, I’m so stupid he thinks I’m a hooker AND he still called?? Well, if he thinks he can get a cheap lay out of me he can keep thinking…

Ben responds laughing… and she can’t tell if its relief or confusion.

“Oh Sherry, I’m sorry to laugh, I truly didn’t know what to think. At first I thought you were making a date with this new guy Brad, and then you had to go to work. Then just now, I was like holy three-somes, Batman!” Ben explains.

“Ugh, what you must think of me… “ Sherry can’t help but shake her head and blush deeply. She pulls a pillow over her face to groan into she’s so embarrassed.

“Hey Sherry, really it’s ok. I can hear you blushing, come on now, stop,” Ben tries to encourage her to talk again. “No harm done, no judgment. A Midwife, that’s really awesome.” He says, thinking about it before bursting out laughing again. “So a two-some became a three-some when you got there and by the end of the night there was a four-some,” Ben tries a joke to pull her out of her embarrassment.

“Ha ha, Ben!” Sherry says with a hint of a grin. “Miss Tamsyn and her parents were a happy tired family when I left them.”

“I will be honest, I truly didn’t know what to think. I had such a great time with you tonight I tried to withhold judgment, and give you the benefit of the doubt,” Ben explains himself.

Whew, he is not thinking I’ll be an easy lay… “Oh, gosh Ben, Thanks so so much for giving me a chance!” Sherry gushes in gratitude, still mortified at the confusion.

“Well you might just be worth it, Sherry,” Ben says and she can hear that smirk on his face.

“Oh, gosh, Ben. Don’t make me blush again… My face is just starting to feel normal.” She takes a deep breath and tries to relax but her head is swimming as she replays what he just said over and over on repeat …You might just be worth it….

“So, what are your plans for the weekend, Sherry? Are you expecting any more orgi… I mean babies?” Ben asks teasing.

“Ben if you keep poking fun at me about this I’m gonna have to pinch you or something…Geez, I already just want the earth to open up and devour me.” Sherry tries to laugh through it. “I always have clients who could potentially call, it’s part of the job…BUT I’m not anticipating a call that may require me to run out in the middle of the night for the next week or so. Why?” He’s gonna ask me out on another date. Wheee!


“There’s a festival thing going on at Mill Park tomorrow afternoon. There’s going to be some live music, a craft show and stuff. Do you maybe want to meet me there around 2? We could sit on the grass, watch the show and talk. We could walk around and check out the crafts?” Please say yes… You owe me a yes after that debacle that is your job, woman. He pleads with the universe again.

“Oh, that sounds like so much fun! What if I bring a picnic basket?” Sherry offers in acceptance.

“Will there be strawberry tarts?” Ben asks excitedly.

“Not if I don’t get to bed soon there won’t… Apparently I’m going to spend the morning cooking!” Sherry answers his question, giggling.

Tom nods at Ben from the door. He doesn’t have to say anything. Ben nods back in acknowledgment, wordlessly letting his friend know that he’ll soon be ready for bed.

“Ok Sherry, I’m excited to see you again. Meet me at the corner of 2nd and Ivy street. Good night, can’t wait to see you…” Ben offers, releasing his excitement with a breath when the call ends. “Hey Tom, Dude, I have a date tomorrow.”


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  1. *SQUEE*

    These two are sooo freakin’ cute!!!! I’m looking forward to reading that chair-to-ground transfer scene in the next chapter. Gonna be so devvy… 😀 😀 😀

    1. Ditto!
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    1. I’m pretty sure all the devs out there noticed that little teaser HAHAHAHA

      Seriously though, it’s all you, missy! You have some great talent for writing. I did nothing more than just see it 🙂

      1. thats true isn’t it hahaha 🙂 Maybe i’m not quite so “Devved in” since its coming from my head… like i can make it devvy when i write it but there’s another layer i don’t grasp lol Lucky Devs! 🙂

        You’re my favorite person to bounce ideas off of and holy heck i wouldn’t know what a comma is without you! *blows kisses*

  2. Miss DJ!! Absolutely loving loving loving this chapter! I have a feeling that Ben will quickly become one of my all-time favourite dis characters(: *sitting by the computer waiting on your next chapter already* please don’t make me wait too long!

    1. Now that’s a compliment Nessa! 🙂 Thank you so very much! Everyone is crushing on Ben and i’m trying not to get all territorial lol. i’m hopeful to release a new chapter every Saturday. 🙂 I’m midway into ch 4 so hoping to get it wrapped and ready for next week soon.

  3. Oooh I’m loving Sherry and Ben. And Ben is sexy as heck!!!! Damn I’d like a Ben :D:D

    Great writing DJ!! Please keep the chapters coming 😀

    1. so happy you like it 🙂 I hope (*fingers crossed*) to keep the same speed! We’ll see life threw me a curve ball this week i’m just so thrilled to see such amazing feedback!

  4. Ooh, I guessed Sherry’s profession, yay, gold star for me!
    I’m am really liking Ben and Sherry and can’t wait for us to get to know then better as they get to know each other and hopefully progress into a nice little relationship.

    1. totally a gold star for you! When i read your comment i was like oh no i made it too easy!!! Absolutely a gold star for you!! 🙂

    1. Everyone excited for ch 4 i had better start typing away! I’m so very happy with it too and so very happy everyone loves them. My Ben is special to me beyond words and i’m happy to share with you a little bit of the magic i get to live everyday!

    1. I’m so happy everyone loves Ben and Sherry!!! Next Saturday isn’t as far away when you’re writing however… back to ch 4 tomorrow! 🙂

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