Darker Devotion: Chapter Eleven

Disability: Spina Bifida / Genre: Erotic Fiction

 Second Helpings

Though she already ate, Melissa still hungered. The deliciously disabled dish sitting stunned and naked on her bed looked up at her with apprehensive eyes. Gone was the bravado and bravery he showed against the hooligan on the streets, and there, in her care, was a willing and disabled sexual being ready for her to ravish.

“My sexy, sexy hero saved poor little me tonight,” Melissa said in a sing-song voice.  “How will I ever repay him?”

“Well…I guess we could…” Dustin began but was interrupted by the sexy devotee.

“I mean, such raw power, such ferociousness, such animal strength…I…I just don’t know if I can be safe with such a feral beast in my presence.  Luckily, I have just the thing to keep me protected,” she cooed.

“What?” he asked. The confusion evident on his face amused the sultry minx.  She produced a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and affixed one to each wrist and each bedpost. “Oh,” he said almost blandly.  His reaction made her giggle. She did the same with his ankles and left him spread-eagled on her bed.

“I want to thank you for the delicious dinner tonight, but I think I’m ready for dessert,” Melissa announced. She slid off the bed and left the room.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he asked, allowing the hint of fear to show through his voice.

“Just sit tight, don’t go anywhere!” she sang sweetly.

“As if,” he muttered to himself, testing the durability of the cuffs. Solid steel. He realized he wasn’t getting out of these binds unless Melissa allowed it.

With a swagger in her hips and a smile planted on her face, Melissa returned, but not empty handed. A can of whipped cream in one hand and a bottle of chocolate syrup in the other were presented playfully in front of his face.

“I have a sweet-tooth,” she said in a mock-serious tone. “It’s one of my weaknesses. One of my very few weaknesses. So, I thought I’d enjoy some crip-cream and gimp-ganache for dessert,” Melissa said.

“You’ve been waiting to use that line all night, haven’t you?”

“Careful, Mister. Don’t want to get too cheeky, if I gag that smart mouth of yours, you won’t get a taste,” she teased.

“I’ll behave,” he promised in an equally teasing voice.

“Oh…don’t behave too much, I like having a reason to…punish naughty behavior,” she said lowering her face inches from his. She then smiled warmly and opened the chocolate syrup cap with her teeth. Dustin’s eyes widened as she poured a thin stripe of syrup from his chin, down his neck, zig-zagging across his chest and tummy, down his thighs and legs, branching out to each individual toe.

She then undid the cap on the whipped cream and added it to each of his nipples, creating little mountains of the sweet, white foam. She ornately drizzled a bit more chocolate over the whipped cream for the art of it, then applied the same treatment to his groin.

“Oh my, that is a delicious dish, if I’ve ever seen one. This deserves a picture,” she proclaimed. Snapping several pictures of her disabled dessert, she climbed back on the bed and knelt by her captive lover’s side. “Oh, I almost forgot,” she said, producing a blindfold.

“Oh, that’s not even fair,” Dustin protested.

“Keep it up, and that pretty little mouth of yours gets stuffed with my panties.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said submissively.

“Good. Now, here we go,” she announced as the blindfold was fastened over his eyes. There was a brief pause where nothing happened. The fear of not seeing what was coming next was both exhilarating, and slightly terrifying to Dustin.  He suddenly felt breaths on his face. Warm lips pressed against his, and she kissed him briefly before allowing her tongue to clean up the neat little lines of chocolate syrup on his chin and neck.

Her warm tongue on his sensitive neck made him shiver. Though he couldn’t see it, she smiled with smug satisfaction at his response.  The taste of the bitter-sweet chocolate mixing with the salt on his body was intoxicating to the horny girl.  Seeing him bound, blindfolded and displayed like a delicious treat was almost more than Melissa could bear. Luckily, she kept her wits about her and continued to work her exploring tongue down his fair skin.

With stealth, she reached for a riding crop in her nightstand drawer and held it in her hand as she continued to clean away the trail of chocolate syrup from her “dessert.”  Dustin began to wriggle and writhe as her hot, wet tongue darted playfully over his skin. The cooling sensation of evaporation she left behind contrasting with her hot tongue was heightening his senses and driving him mad. His cock throbbed, making the whipped cream mountain upon it shiver and pulsate. Melissa frowned. She wished she had a jar of maraschino cherries to accent the mountain over his cock and the two little hills over his nipples, but alas, she would have to make do.

Speaking of his nipples, Melissa decided it was time to excavate them from their sugary, creamy hills. She moaned and groaned as she waggled her tongue over the sensitive nubs until they were devoid of any more of the cream. The moment she was satisfied she had cleaned them thoroughly, she grinned, and unbeknownst to her blindfolded captive, raised the riding crop. It descended on his left nipple with a sudden, painful crack.

“Ow! What the hell!” he said more from the surprise of it than the pain.

“You didn’t think you’d go the entire night with me just gently and lovingly licking your whole body, did you?”

“Well, that would have been nice,” he quipped.

A second crack of the crop landed now on his right nipple.

“Nah, this is more fun, don’t you think?”

“Couldn’t think of a better time,” he grunted through gritted teeth.

“I know, right?!” she replied in a frighteningly perky voice.

While his nipples still stung from the surprise thwacks of the riding crop, Melissa lowered her lips back down and began to suck on them. The sudden sensation caused him to jump, and she giggled.

“Pleasure, pain, pleasure, you’ll never know what comes next,” she said as she continued to suck lovingly on one of the most sensitive parts of a body which was otherwise left with pockets of dead areas of sensation.  Dustin wriggled under the assault by tongue, forcing the dominatrix devotee to climb over his stomach and pin him further against the bed. She continued to suck on his nipples, but interrupted the pleasurable feelings with sharp stabs of pain when she would playfully bite down.

“Pain,” she announced, as she bit down hard on the nipple, leaving small teeth marks. It wasn’t enough to break the skin, but it left little souvenirs for her lover.

Content with the attention his nipples received, Melissa realized there was still a wide expanse of real estate on his body still covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream which would have to be thoroughly cleaned up.  She dragged her tongue down the sweet trail she created, allowing the whip to follow the same path. Pleasure, pain, sometimes both at the same time, sometimes alternating.  The feeling of helplessness would have driven some mad, but it only turned Dustin on even more.  

Melissa knew this about her lover.  She could tell he relished giving up all control to her. The power she gained by taking his away was delicious, but it was more than just power. It was his need to give his trust to her and a sacred, thin line of knowing how much she could push him without betraying the trust. She didn’t want to “hurt” him. There was a difference between pain and hurt.  Pain, when enjoyed by both parties was a deliriously delightful toy to play with, but hurt was malicious and benefitted no one.

There was something more about it than just the pain for Dustin. Sure, it was exhilarating and seductive about her complete domination of his body, but there was something deeper than that. As a disabled man, the fact she treated his body as something sexy, and not with kid-gloves showed him how much she respected him. It wasn’t just some token light playing around to make him feel better; she treated him like a true love-slave, and through the humiliation, he felt more confident in himself.

He was clay to her. Clay that had for so long sat formless, waiting to be sculpted. She wanted to sculpt him into the beautiful art she saw in him. He was so gorgeous in her eyes; something sadly so few women had bothered to look at.  With every increasingly brazen attempt at dominating him, she knew she was building him up, shaping him to be his best.  She saw in him raw, animalistic sexiness, and she was uncaging the tiger by shackling him up.  If only he would growl, it would just complete this lovely image.

There was still a sweet treat between his legs, but that could wait for the time being. Melissa traveled down thighs which narrowed to thin and atrophied calves.  Ever present was the riding crop, leaving red marks down the lengths of chocolate syrup.  The rhythmic smacks weren’t especially brutal, but left a warm trail of delicious sensation, awakening parts of his body he hadn’t even thought of touching.  It was better than just sex, it was an adventure awakening deep desires hidden for years.

For the devotee, having a perfectly disabled man at her finger tips…not to mention the tip of her tongue, was exactly what she fantasized about. For years, she felt guilt in being aroused by someone else’s physical misfortunes, but having the right, willing man willing to explore her fantasies was both comforting and exciting. Melissa was in control, but she felt as if she wasn’t. It was as if she watched some deliriously good movie where she was living vicariously through the character, but it was real. The warmth of his slippery, moistened skin, the hard bones pressing against skin in atrophied calves, the mews and whimpers of her lover as she lightly tortured him, the sweet and salty flavors on her tongue, even his very scent, were all too real. It still felt like a dream.

She licked down his ankle to the tops of his feet. Dustin was grinning from ear to ear.

“What?” she asked with a giggle.

“I know how much you like them. I know how much it turns you on.”

She gave him a couple of playful smacks of the crop against his thigh before licking the sauce off the top of his left foot, going down to his toes. She knew there was little to no feeling in those gorgeous, deformed digits, but it was all the more exciting.  There was something selfish in being able to enjoy those toes when he couldn’t feel a thing, nor could he see what she was doing. This was all for her, and yet, his submissive self was getting pleasure in knowing she enjoyed it.  A wave of pleasure washed over the devotee and she moaned loud and sensually.

Dustin smiled, assuming the mere playing around with his feet caused the orgasm, but Melissa knew otherwise. Of course it was those perfectly improper feet which triggered it all, but it wasn’t the body part, as much his willingly giving control to her, his desire to please her. This is what pushed her over the edge. But she didn’t stop. The short, stunted and twisted toes were delicious enough without the chocolate sauce, but that was no reason to leave them sullied!

Her tongue worked over his toes, enjoying everything about them, and as with the rest of his body, she gave them a workout with the riding crop. Perhaps she was a bit more thorough on them than the rest of his body, but she knew the pain he’d feel would be minimal at most. When she was satisfied his feet had been thoroughly cleaned, loved, and equally abused, it was on to the next phase of her plan.

She grabbed the whipped cream can and applied a healthy dollop to her breasts, drizzling a bit of the chocolate syrup on them for a bit of extra flavor.  She climbed over her nude, captive lover and hovered her breasts above his face.  Melissa stroked his cheeks softly. He turned to kiss her fingers, and she licked her lips as he sucked her index finger lovingly.  Her other hand explored his neck, walking her fingers up and down the sensitive real estate.

Finally, she removed his blindfold. There, presented in front of his face were two luscious breasts covered in the same dessert his lover enjoyed on him.

“For me?” he asked eagerly. She nodded, lowering herself even closer. He licked. Gently, at first, then his inhibitions drifted away as he felt the warm, soft breasts covered in sticky, sweet goodness, while he lapped away.  His tongue felt amazing to the devotee. She moaned in pleasure as he licked them clean, taking the opportunity to suck gently on her pert nipples.

“Good boy,” she said approvingly.  “Now, let’s enjoy dessert together.” She spread some whipped cream on her already wet and wanting pussy, turned around and presented it to his face, while she crouched down and worked on the last pile of whipped cream on his bound body, between his legs.

He felt her tongue lap away the cream as she got ever closer to his throbbing and desperate cock. Her sex responded happily to his desperate tongue. They moaned together in pleasure as they made each other feel incredible.  

The whipped cream and chocolate was long gone on both bodies, but their tongues only worked more feverishly. She took his member in her mouth, bobbing up and down the shaft with a rhythmic and steady pace, while he darted his tongue into every fold of her sex, piercing her like a cock, and flicking around her clit.

A second, powerful orgasm was welling deep within the girl’s body.  Dustin seemed to sense this, and only picked up the pace of his tongue invasion. The devotee began grinding her sex in his face as she took his cock further down, stroking it with her hand whenever it bobbed free.  Her hand reached out and stroked his bony leg below his knee.  Dustin decided to mentally push her over the edge.

“I can’t feel you doing that.”

“Mm,” she cooed.

“I can see it, but I can’t feel it. But…I trust you, I trust you with every inch of my body,” he said, and even though he was the one chained to her bed, he now had the power to send her into a powerful climax.

“I need you,” he finally said, and with a howling groan, she came hard.  Her grip around his cock tightened and she stroked furiously, allowing the disabled man to cum seconds later.  She collapsed on his sticky, filthy body, her own glistening with sweat and trembling.

“Oh,” he panted, “that was way better than the triple fudge cake they have at the restaurant.”

“One of the better dishes I’ve ever had,” she replied, equally breathless as she undid his cuffs.

Sticky, exhausted, and utterly satisfied, they felt perfectly content to be in each other’s arms.

To be continued…


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  1. Welcome back, Braced! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    I’m loving the flip flop in their dynamic and how Melissa needs to maintain control 🙂

  2. Crip cream and gimp ganache. Lol. That’s perfect. The whipped cream and chocolate and licking, oh my. Very well done braced. Glad you’re finishing this even if bdsm’s not my thing, was very descriptive and majorly sexy.

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