Darker Devotion: Chapter Seven

Disability: Spina Bifida / Genre: Erotic Romance

 Adapt or Perish


Alright, 1: This story is going to get fairly…intense. So if you’re against BDSM (why are you reading this?) that gets rather detailed, look away now. 2: I want to thank all the readers and especially those who comment. Your comments drive this story. If you’re reading this and haven’t commented, please do so. Comment under anonymous or whatever, but seriously, whether it’s to say you love it, hate it, or whatever, let me know. Also, feel free to be detailed in your comments as to what you like. If you prefer to contact me in private, I’m at Paradevo under the username Braced4Impact, so PM me if you’re not comfortable to say something in the comments. Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


Dustin was still lying on his stomach. Melissa had just given him an incredible hand-job. This alone would have constituted a pretty darn good day for most, but Melissa promised her captive it was only the beginning, and she kept her word.

The redheaded beauty briefly undid Dustin’s handcuffs. He assumed the games were over, but that was the furthest thing from the truth. “On your back, now,” she ordered. The disabled man complied.

Melissa reattached the handcuffs to her willing submissive. She smiled at the look of relief on his face when she showed this wasn’t the end. “Enjoying ourselves, are we?” she asked with a warm grin.

“Yes Mistress, very much so,” he answered.  

“Good. Hmm, seeing you nude on my bed, chained up like that…I don’t think it’s fair for you to be the only one bare in this room,” Melissa said with a sultry finger to her lips. She decided to put on a show for the man. After all, he was such a good boy so far.

She slowly stripped, revealing bit by bit a body pale and marvelous. She was nerdy, awkward, and quirky, but none of that disproved her beauty. Within minutes, she was down to a black lace bra and matching panties. Her fiery red hair looked like lava against snow. Her pale skin seemed unnatural so late in the summer.

Dustin’s cock rose to the occasion. Melissa grinned at his member and licked her lips slowly, seductively. Reaching behind her back, she unclasped her bra, allowing pert, pear-like breasts to be free of their laced prison. Dustin’s eyes widened at their perfect shape, the creamy color of her skin, and the dark red nipples and areolas which led those shapely tits. He took a deep breath in, exhaling slowly. Melissa watched his chest rise and fall.

She looked down at her panties. Dustin’s eyes followed hers, and he saw her wiggle slowly out of them. The dominatrix watched her submissive disabled man clench his fists in his binds as he gritted his teeth and tried to control his breathing. It was flattering to her, to see his reaction. To see the want, yearning, desire and lust consume him.

The panties were kicked off of the bed playfully, and Dustin saw her smooth sex. She maintained it well, and suddenly he felt self-conscious again of his imperfections. He knew she was a dev. He knew devs want guys like him. But she was so…damn…beautiful. It still didn’t compute. It was as if he was having an out-of-body experience, watching some other guy who looked like Dustin tied to her bed. None of this was real; it couldn’t be.

“You’ve had your glimpse,” Melissa said with a devilish smile. She reached into her nightstand and found a silk blindfold.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Dustin asked, suddenly nervous again.

“I find…” she said with a raspy, tempting voice, “losing the ability to see…makes things that much more exciting. Do you…trust me, Dustin?”

“W-what are you going to do to me?” he managed to stutter.

“Mm, well, nothing you can’t handle.”

“I trust you,” he said in a weak whisper.  

Melissa crawled her nude body over his, straddling her already moist sex on his chest and stroked his cheek with her fingers. He looked up at her flat and slender belly, those amazing breasts, and a smiling, caring face looking down at him. And then the world went dark. She fastened the silk blindfold over his eyes tightly, but not painfully so. Melissa took her hands and simultaneously stroked both extended, bound arms, slowly drawing her fingers down the length of his arms until they reached his arm pits. He giggled slightly.

“Ticklish? Oh my. Duly noted, Dustin…duly noted,” she playfully told him.

Melissa climbed off her trussed plaything, sliding down the bed until her head was next to his chest. Placing her lips on his chin, she kissed softly. She gave quick little kisses down his neck, chest, and abdomen. If she was wearing lipstick, his body would have been pocked with hundreds of lip marks. Noticeably ignored were Dustin’s nipples. He soon found out why.

Her soft, fleshly lips touched his left nipple. She didn’t kiss, she just let her sensitive lips feel the hard little nubbin of his nipple brush against her. She then grabbed the tip of his nipple with her lips and massaged it. “Oh,” groaned Dustin, earning a smile from the dev that he could not see.

“How sensitive are your nipples, Dustin?”

“Very…” he said, sucking air through his teeth. “Very, very,” he added.  

“Mm, that’s delicious news,” she said. Something warm and wet now touched that left nipple. She licked it with just the tip of her tongue. When she pulled it away, his nipple instantly became cold from the lack of her warm tongue. They didn’t stay that way for long. She took her fingers and pinched his nipples, causing him to squirm against his binds.

“Mm,” he couldn’t help but groan. Melissa rolled the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, tugging at it, flicking it with her fingernail, scraping his smooth areola, tickling it with her finger tip. Then she leaned back down over his chest. He could feel her hair brush up against his bare skin, but that feeling was soon superseded by warm and moisture again. This time she sucked on it, taking his whole nipple in her mouth. Her tongue wiggled rapidly over the hardened nub with excitement and passion.

It felt amazing to have her hot tongue violating this tiny piece of real estate. She would occasionally nip it, pull on it with her teeth. He’d groan in protest, but she knew it was a rouse. When she was thoroughly satisfied she explored his left nipple enough, she gave the same care and attention to his right.

Dustin often played with his nipples. They were more sensitive than his cock, and he enjoyed their hypersensitivity in comparison to the rest of his disappointingly numb body. Melissa must have been a succubus, or some other unearthly creature, for she seemed to know exactly what Dustin wanted. Every move, every tiny flick of the tongue seemed to be strategic, to give him the most amount of pleasure possible. Dustin was lost in himself, so he could be forgiven for not hearing the rattle of chains as she continued to fawn over his nipples.

When she pulled away, his nipples were hard, erect, and magnificently sensitive to the touch. There was not a moment to lose. She attached rubber coated nipple clamps to both nipples quickly and brutally. When she let go of the springs holding them open, the padded clamps bit into Dustin. “Ah!!” he shouted in surprise. The shock of yet again going from pleasure to pain with no warning scrambled his brains. All he could do was make grunts of pain. The initial shock wore off, and now there was just a constant pressure on his nipples.

“I didn’t chain you to my bed and blindfold you to just give you nothing but pleasure, my dear,” she said dryly. Melissa had each clamp attached to a small, metal chain. To it, she attached lead weights on either side to fall off the side of the bed. The added strain caused Dustin to grit his teeth and moan in pleasure and pain.

“Oh, it hurts,” he said.

“I know, I know. But you like it, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he managed to squeak.

She sighed with satisfaction, but to blindfolded Dustin, it sounded like boredom or frustration. He worried he offended his mistress in some way, so he added “thank you, Mistress.”

“Oh, you’re very welcome, Dustin. Tell you what; since you’re enjoying it so much, I’ve got a special treat for you!” she said glibly.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” he said, not even knowing what would come next, but he played it safe.

Melissa went back into the drawer to retrieve a small cat-o-nine tails whip. The small whip was only a few inches long, but had small leather straps which each acted as their own, independent tentacles of pain. She positioned herself between his legs, and began to lightly, but rhythmically whip his chest and belly. None of the blows were hard, but each tip of the nine stung him.

Dustin started to wriggle against his cuffs, vainly trying to dodge her relentless strokes. Occasionally, Melissa landed a blow with more force, which made him stop wriggling for a second or two from the shock of it. Also, she would send a blow or two against the firmly gripping nipple clamps to add a new spike of pain to her sex toy. Dustin was breathing loudly and rapidly, trying to manage the pain. It was cute to Melissa, to watch him cope. He adapted to so many things in life as a disabled man, and here he was using that skill in a new situation. Bravo.

The whippings stopped and his chest and belly were pink with little spaghetti sized lashings. For several seconds, he was convinced the blows were still landing and still tried to instinctively squirm away. Melissa took pity on the man, and found a cool bottle of lotion. She squirted it on his chest. The cold sensation stung against the warmed, pink skin, but soon, relief was coming under gentle, almost apologetic hands.

Melissa told Dustin to brace himself for a bit of pain. He feared the worst, but Melissa undid the clamps tugging at his nipples. For the first second or two, there was nothing. No pain, no sensation. Then the blood came rushing back into his already sensitive nipples, and he moaned loudly with surprise and pain.

Melissa was wet. She was sopping wet. In fact, she was secretly glad that Dustin was incontinent, because the rubber sheet was just as necessary for her as it was for him. It was time for him to attend to that.

“How’s it going so far?” she asked with a touch of concern.

“Good, Mistress, thank you, Mistress,” he said breathlessly.

“Good, I’m glad to hear that. Well, I can tell by your pecker you’re enjoying it, so if you said it was going terrible, I’d know you’re a liar!”

“Yes, ma’am,” he agreed.

“I’ve been enjoying it, too. I’m sopping wet. I want you to clean me up,” she said. She took off the blindfold and climbed over him to position her sex over his face. She looked down and saw him grinning from ear to ear.

She lowered herself just a bit to put her smooth vagina in his face. She required no invitation, for Dustin immediately went to work. He was good. She couldn’t believe his statements that he hadn’t had a girlfriend in so long. No one could be that good without practice, but it didn’t matter.  

Dustin could taste his mistress’s sweet drippings. He started with her thighs, working his way up. She moaned continuously, so he knew he was doing something right. He didn’t know if his technique was right, proper, or correct, but based on her pleasurable groans, he was getting somewhere.  

He loved exploring her sex. Every nook and cranny was an adventure for his tongue. He felt her heat radiate against his face. She covered his face with her moisture, and he continued to lick her. He found her clit and spent a few seconds there, earning a high pitched squeal of delight, but now the ball was in his court. He moved his tongue away from it, to lick her outer walls.  

She pushed down on his head, trying to guide him back to that magic little bean, but he would have none of it. He made his tongue rigid and darted in and out of her vagina, fucking her as if his tongue was a little cock. She moaned again, but not as vigorously as when he found her clit. In due time, in due time, he thought to himself.  

He continued to lap up his mistress’s sweetness, waggling his tongue, nibbling with his lips, sucking down on her labia like he was giving a hickie. She was grinding her hips in his face, making it somewhat difficult for him to stick to any one spot. So, with a concerted effort, he once again found that oh-so-important bump of flesh and nerves, and he vigorously wiggled his tongue over it.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she cried. That’s right. “Ungh! Ohhhh Dustin!” she groaned in a throaty voice. She stopped grinding his face and let him concentrate on her clit. He varied his cadence, from soft to hard, slow to fast, to medium, back again to fast. She began to shudder and gripped his hair with both hands, almost hurting him as she held on. He wished he wasn’t bound, so he could grab her ass and pull her tight to him, but he made do with the situation at hand and brought his mistress to a screaming orgasm.

His hair was mussed up, his face was sopping wet, and his dick was harder than a steel rod. With a tired moan, Melissa slowly slid her body down his until they were face to face. She was sweating and hot, and kissed Dustin’s forehead lovingly over and over.

“Very, very good boy,” she complimented her lover in a hoarse voice.

“Did that earn my freedom?” he asked. She put her nose against his and smiled.

“No,” she told him. “Why would I want to let something like you free?”


4 thoughts on “Darker Devotion: Chapter Seven

  1. Hmmm, I loved the encounter, and how it was written. My only concern is . . . did you intend for her to say, “something like you” as opposed to someone like you? If so, this seems like it may be going in a very different direction. The word someone would imply a budding relationship about to get even better. Something, implies she views him as an objectified toy — yes, it can happen to guys as well as ladies. Just looking for a bit of clarification of intention, here. Thanks for the new episode!

    1. To be honest, I’m not sure. I think it can be a little bit of both. She is objectifying him in a lot of ways, especially in the dom-sub relationship, but at the same time, she finds him intriguing beyond his disability. So I would say “yes” to both. I don’t know if it would make as much difference in the story, but I’ll try to be more cognizant of that in the future. Good eye.

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