Darker Devotion: Chapter Twelve

Disability: Spina Bifida / Genre: Erotic Romance

 All Good Things


The sun shone brightly over the Windy City.  Warm air bathed Dustin’s face as he started a new day.   Life was good.  He faced the rigors and stress of everyday duties at work, but at night, he could relinquish control.  He gave his body to Melissa, who dominated it with carnal pleasure.   He finally found someone who found him sexy.   She didn’t love him in spite of his disability, but rather, it was one of the reasons she found him so attractive.

No matter how much the board meetings droned on, the spreadsheets piled on, and the charts and graphs at his office blurred his vision, there was something good to go home to.   The beauty of a dev who loved the same video games as he did, enjoyed most of the same bands, and she could cook.  This was more than just that fluttery feeling of a crush or attraction, he felt…love.

“Hello?” he said, answering his cellphone.

“Hey babe,” Melissa said.  “Miss me yet?”

“Every second we’re apart,” he said happily.  “What are the plans tonight?”

“Hmm, how about we grab a quick bite to eat, and then I give you some slow bites in bed?”

“Oh yeah,” he agreed enthusiastically.

“Are you being a good boy, Dustin?” she asked.

“No ma’am,” he said mischievously.

“Oh my, well, well, well, we shall have to correct that tonight, shan’t we?”

“We shall,” he said.

“I’ll have to be inventive, something you haven’t seen yet.”

“Oh boy, what did I get myself into?”

“You’ll see,” she said seductively.  “Until then, love.”

“Until then,” he agreed.

The call ended and Dustin went back to the drudgery of his job.

He’d type reports, and imagine his fingers were tapping the small of Melissa’s back rather than the keyboard.   He saw an extension cord near the copier, and pictured the dominant dev whipping his ass with the cord, leaving welts upon his skin.    He saw a cupcake with a cherry on top, resting upon his coworker’s desk, and he thought of Melissa’s shapely, gorgeous tits.  Then he thought of them covered in whipped cream, as they were not long ago, and his mouth watered as his cock bulged against his pants.

The end of the day couldn’t come fast enough, but the clock didn’t lie when quitting time finally arrived.  Dustin cursed and cussed at the slow Chicago traffic as he made his way home.   Angry drivers honked, and so did he as he was eager to come home to the arms of his lover…even if those arms would likely be used to smack his rear later on.   He pulled into the parking garage, exhausted but still excited.

Up the elevator to his floor, he opened the door to find Melissa laying seductively on his couch.  She had one of his spare keys, and had been making herself at home in his place quite often.

“Well hello there, stud,” she said, sucking her finger saucily.

“Oh no, an uninvited guest!  Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you want,” he said with his hands in the air.

“I know you will,” she said with a wicked grin.   “Mm, you look so delicious in your work clothes, but I just want to tear them off and get at that gorgeous body of yours.”

“Well, if you want to watch me change, you’re welcome to it,” he quipped.

“I would, whether you’d invite me to or not,” she chuckled.

“I know.”

She sat down on his bed with her legs folded, then propped her elbows against her thighs and rested her head in her hands, watching like a kid eager to see movie night.  He undid his tie and tossed it at her.  She caught it, put her hand to her heart and swooned.

“I feel like I need burlesque music or something.”

“Or at the very least some bom-chica-bow-bow,” she quipped.   “You’ve given me enough of a show, I want to do the rest.”

Dustin, knowing full well it was best not to argue with Melissa immediately relented.  He sat down on the bed now, and let her untie his shoes.   She pulled them off slowly, and undid his braces, and then his socks.   She played around blissfully with his curled, deformed toes before sighing and realizing the day was getting late.   She undid his belt and slid down his pants.

“I still need to shower up,” he told her.

“You know something, there’s enough time for an appetizer before dinner.  I might just join you,” she said.  She hurriedly stripped her clothing and the two got into his shower.   The hot water sprayed down upon them.

Due to his balance issues, Dustin sat on a marble bench in the shower.  Though she was dominant, she wasn’t above going down on her knees to give her man a quick shot of pleasure.  She took in his member with her mouth and sucked him expertly, while he shampooed her hair.

She knew his body well enough now to hit all the sweet spots.   Within seconds, he came and she grinned at his satisfaction.   They finished cleaning each other up, then dried off and dressed into casual clothes.

Casa De Tapas, a Spanish tapas restaurant was where they planned to dine that evening.  It was easier to hail a cab than to drive there, as traffic was a mess and parking would be even messier.  Wearing jeans and a solid, slate gray t-shirt, the handsome gimp was accompanied by the gorgeous devotee as they strolled hand-in-hand into the restaurant.

“Two please,” Dustin told the hostess.  

They were seated relatively quickly for a Chicago restaurant and enjoyed an intimate dinner of candlelight and Spanish appetizers.  A bottle of Shiraz was split between them, though neither needed the booze to feel drunk with the joy they had for each other.   They chitchatted about their day, spoke in code about what they would do at night, and enjoyed the summer evening.

Dustin paid for dinner and stood outside with his girl to hail a cab.   A large group of people gathered outside the bar across the street, and some shouts and insults were thrown.  Dustin was nervous, and wanted to get a cabbie to take them away as soon as possible.

“Happens more often than I’d like to admit in this city,” Melissa said grimly.

“Come on, cabbie!” he called as another cab drove by.   One began to slow down, but when he saw the large group of raucous people across the street, sped back up and left.  “Damn it.”

“Why don’t we go back inside, until the police arrive or this blows over?  We can have a drink in the bar.”

“Yeah, I think that should-“ Suddenly, several loud pops were heard.  People started screaming, and Melissa, without thinking, shoved Dustin to the ground.  “Hey!” he protested, but as he looked up at his girl, he saw the bullet strike her chest.   Her pink t-shirt now stained red.

“Melissa?  No, come on honey, come on sweetie, you’ve got to get up.  Melissa!  Melissa!!” Dustin called, ignoring the stampede of panicked bystanders.   Police sirens were coming in from all around.

“Melissa, come on sweetie, stay with me, they’ll have an ambulance for you in no time,” he said, holding her hand.  Her eyes were glazed over and she wasn’t breathing.   “Melissa!” he cried.


Dustin fought back tears and sniffled his nose as he packed away his things. He couldn’t stay there any longer.  Not after what had happened.  His company allowed him to transfer back to Florida, out of pity for the man. He found reminders of Melissa everywhere. Her panties, a pair of handcuffs in his bedroom, a photograph selfie they took in front of the Field Museum. Dustin’s lips quivered.

“Such a shame,” Mrs. Eckerly stood in the open doorway of Dustin’s apartment. She dabbed her eye with a handkerchief.  “This violence in the city will claim us all,” she said.

“She…she saved my life.  In more ways than one,” he replied, wiping away a tear of his own.

“She was always a sweet girl.  Always said hi to me, helped me with groceries, even baked muffins for me,” Mrs. Eckerly said.

“I can’t believe she’s gone.  I mean…we were having a good time one moment, and she’s lying dead in my arms the next,” he said with a hollow, weary voice.

“I didn’t know her very well, but I knew she was a happy-go-lucky girl.  She wouldn’t want to see you like this.  I’m not saying you need to move on, because that would be callous of me, but she wouldn’t want to see you in pain.”

Dustin stifled a small laugh.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Nothing, nothing.  Just memories I had with her.”

“You know, you’re a handsome young man.  She saw in you a very handsome young man, and I know she would want you to see that in you too.  Maybe, someday…” she let her voice trail.  “I should get going.  We’ll miss you here.”

“Goodbye, Mrs. Eckerly,” Dustin said softly.   He finished packing the boxes, and movers came by to take away his possessions from the apartment.   He stood in an empty room.   Not long ago, the love of his life was tearing off his clothes and leaving them strewn across the floor.  He almost felt a warm hand on his shoulder and a kiss on his cheek bidding him farewell.

He sat in the window seat of the Boeing 737, watching the city of Chicago grow smaller as the plane soared higher.  Below him was nothing but death and despair.  Ahead of him, only the sky was the limit, but an angel had shown him who he was, and who he could be.  For that, all the darkness in his heart was tempered by a light that she sparked in him.




6 thoughts on “Darker Devotion: Chapter Twelve

  1. Dear Braced,

    I can’t believe that DD is over!!
    So…you’ve done that thing which I enjoy so very much…you know…taking a sweet, lovely couple…and blowing them up into smithereens…
    I’m not kidding. At all. Pretty sure I need help. Lots and lots of help. A whole whack load of help. From a professional. Meh.

    For reals though, I can’t thank you enough for writing this story and sharing with all of us! I’m super fond of your speedy writing style. No lulls at all. Stuff just keeps on rolling (no pun intended, well, a tiny pun intended). Appreciate you tons, buds! Thanks again!!!

    A bit of a masochist,
    Ann 🙂

  2. You know, you seemed so serious when you said you were tempted to just kill them off, and yet… I didn’t quite believe it till I read this.

    So what’s next?


    1. I’ve never been one to be obtuse. If I say something, chances are it’s sincere 🙂 As for what’s next, that’s TBD. If you haven’t already, you can check out my novellas at Amazon:
      Craving the Cripple: http://www.amazon.com/Craving-Cripple-Brad-Force-MacPit-ebook/dp/B01ATTOX22/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1460489534&sr=8-1&keywords=Craving+the+Cripple

      And Very Physical Therapy (look for part two of this series later this month.) http://www.amazon.com/Very-Physical-Therapy-Brad-Force-MacPit-ebook/dp/B01CKCL5X6/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1460489577&sr=1-2

  3. Oh my god. How could you do that? No, no, no. Well, ok, have to say I enjoyed the story immensely. You are forgiven, I guess. 🙂

  4. Chapter 4 foreshadowed this:

    He was getting acclimated to Chicago. The news reports of daily gun violence scared him, but he began to feel more “street-smart,” and found his time to be quite enjoyable.

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