WEEK 57: How does it feel?

Prompted by: Sam

The crazy author says: I’ll miss these two…


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The way she drags steel through human flesh without hesitation makes me proud. The steadiness of her hand as it guides the edge up over his cheek gives me chills. The sheer pleasure in her voice turns me on like you wouldn’t believe…

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WEEK 56: Don’t

Prompted by: Ember-Raine Winters a.k.a. Lady E

The crazy author says: Another one-word prompt. Errr, just stating the obvious haha!

It’s been nearly an hour of complete silence.

We’d spent five minutes making out like teenagers. I’d taken three to transfer into the car, disassemble my chair, and toss it behind me. Typically a ninety-second task, I had purposely slowed my movements, gone twice as slow, giving her every opportunity to change her mind.

To stay behind.

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WEEK 54: Trust me?

Prompted by: Sam

The crazy author says: Umm, I got nothing haha!

Even though I know the answer, I have no other choice but to ask, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” she lies.

It rolls so easily off her tongue I think she actually believes herself. Even worse, I almost believe her too. I’m crossing into dangerous territory where returning isn’t an option. There’s no second-guessing. No escape route. No turning back.

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