WEEK 37: Shoving the gun in his bloodied mouth

Prompted by: Yamna Rashid

The crazy author says: I took creative license and shortened the original suggestion (“I shoved the gun into his bloodied mouth”) to 7 words cuz I like 7 😏

The crazy author also says: Yeah, I’m reusing some chick’s name from a past flash fiction for the dude. Don’t judge me. Thanks.

I couldn’t breathe. I might throw up again. I was having another panic attack. Shaking uncontrollably. Like a dog shitting razorblades. Or a cat pissing goddamn shurikens.

My name was barely legible.

But it didn’t matter.

Because it was done.

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WEEK 35: Only two fingers on his left hand

Prompted by: Jane Jago

WARNING: This fictional storyline may contain very disturbing situations, dubious consent, and graphic violence.

Seven bullets.

Pierced through flesh, shredded through muscle, obliterated tissue into nothing but minced meat.

One grazed his temple, almost taking an eye in the process. A pair lodged in his thigh, refusing to exit on the other side. Another tore into his neck, creating quite a fun mess to clean up. A couple blasted through his ribcage, puncturing a lung, no doubt making him gasp for air. And a shot to the chest nicked his heart…

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WEEK 34: An inch to the left

Prompted by: Matthew S. Williams

The crazy author says: I’m gonna use the original suggestion (“In inch to the left and I would’ve been a widow”) in its entirety but have shortened it to 7 words or less for the rest of you superstars. Who loves ya, eh? 😉

“Calm down!”

There was an oversized armchair in the corner. An expensive leather one. That I could easily sell and make enough money to feed a small village. Or three.

And I’d fallen asleep in it.

Actually, I’d passed out cold. Kneeling by the bed with my head resting on folded arms.

Fingers interlaced with his.

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WEEK 33: Damn, that’s cold

Prompted by: Amanda Siegrist

It shook me.

Because the man who was larger than life, the man who was built like an armored tank, the man who could fight like a Spartan and kill like he ruled the godforsaken underworld…

Had been taken down.

Reduced to nothing.


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