WEEK 85: Never

Prompted by: Tracey Rice & D 😘

The crazy author says: Ahhh! I’m late!! So, I jammed in a couple extra prompts cuz that makes up for my tardiness, right? Riiight? Heh…


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“Of course, you didn’t. Why would you?”

I realize this warrants some sort of response. At the very least, I owe him an apology. But the pain in his expression has me tongue-tied.

And heartsick.

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WEEK 84: I know

Prompted by: D

The crazy author says: I’m so freakin’ late this week… 😬 (the grimace emoji doesn’t look very grimace-y, eh? 🤔 This thinking face, on the other hand, is #legit 😎)

“Watch your head, buddy,” Twitch says.

I hear the bed creak. Giggles and squeals. Deep, rumbling laughter. Secretive whispers. I open my eyes and stare at the horizon. Maybe I’m still dreaming. I sure can’t believe it.

Noah simply doesn’t react this way to new people. He’s always shy. Guarded. Borderline defensive. It takes an eternity for him to warm up to somebody. Anybody.

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WEEK 83: Done

Prompted by: Lila

The crazy author says: Just noticed I messed up last week’s post, as per normal. Would help if I actually added the flash fiction, eh? 😅 It’s all fixed now and I just triple-checked this one sooo I’m sure it’s messed up too 🤣

Speaking of messed up, I’ll send out the weekly email later tonight. I’m gonna call tech support first and get my domain (re)authenticated cuz lots of people aren’t receiving my deep, insightful, thought-provoking emails…

That was a joke 😏

Seriously, though, thank you to everyone for an awesome sauce 2017! The support, encouragement, prompts, ideas, just everything!!! You guys are the bestest readers ever!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🍷 🎊 🍸 🎉 🍻 #2018HereWeCome

I wake up tired.

And confused.

I don’t remember falling asleep. I can’t recall ever lying down.

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WEEK 82: Living with screwed

Prompted by: Adrian

The crazy author says: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 🎅🎄🎁⛄️

Twitch swipes a handful of first aid supplies and disappears into the bathroom. When he returns a minute later, his sexily torn jeans sit low on his sexily narrow hips. Unbuttoned. Unzipped.

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WEEK 81: Wow

Prompted by: Uhhh…me. Yeah.

The crazy author says: Oh, man. I thought nobody wanted to play last week and then this week I was like, 🎶 All by myself, don’t wanna beee all by myselfff anymorrre 🎶 and then I was like, 🤬!🤬!🤬!

My posts were set to “Private” so only I could seem them 😕 and here I was worried y’all were getting sick of poor, innocent Twitch 😅

(Song credit goes to Eric Carmen or Celine Dion if you don’t know who the heck Eric Carmen is 🤣)

Shrugging again, I turn to leave.

Because rule number one of poking bears is to not stick around after poking the bear. I learned that particular lesson the hard way.

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WEEK 80: Peanut Butter

Prompted by: Jeri T. Ryan

The crazy author says: I’m alive, Miss Jeri! Aliiiiiive… 😘😘😘

That’s my cue to leave.

He grins. “Unless you’d care to join me.”

What a dick. I drive my shoulder hard into his chest and deliver a solid elbow jab to the sternum. Legit ninja moves.

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WEEK 78: I suggest you sit

Prompted by: Princess Jane

The crazy author says: Haven’t a clue where I’m going with this bugger…heh…

“Were you ever planning to tell me about him?”

I don’t answer.

He stands. Wobbles.

“Sit,” I say.

Pushing me aside, he mutters, “I’m not a dog.”

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