WEEK 26: Maybe

Prompted by: Princess Jane


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“I love you, Tom.”

I can’t say it back.

Not because I don’t love her. Not because it isn’t true. But because…

It’s too damn true. I love her too much. Far too much.

It’s overwhelming.

WEEK 25: Wait a minute…

 Prompted by: Laura

CALE: (shows up on set) Hey, I’m the first character here!

AUTHOR: You’re always the first one to arrive, buddy.

C: Wait a minute…

A: (looks nervous) What?

C: I thought it was Tom’s day to shoot. Why am I here?

A: (looks more nervous)

C: Something happened, didn’t it?

A: (looks even more nervous)

C: Tell me.

A: (sighs) Hart of His came out today.

C: (raises brow) Isn’t that a good thing?

A: Yeah…

C: Did nobody preorder it?

A: Actually, we had over 300 preorders…

C: That’s great!

A: No, that’s the problem…

C: (frowns) You f*cked up the file somehow, didn’t you?

A: (sniffles)

C: And now a sh*tload of readers have it on their Kindles.

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WEEK 24: You did what with the what?

Prompted by: Bree Verity

“You dream of such awful things, Tom.”

I don’t know why I said it. I shouldn’t have. I didn’t mean to.

We don’t talk about these things.

“Yeah, I do,” he murmurs huskily, his hand closing over mine. “But I also dream of you.”

He’s not supposed to reply. This isn’t how we work.

We never talk about these things.

WEEK 23: They say you don’t dream in cryosleep

Prompted by: Matt

I know she’s watching me.

Rolling the gel liner onto my right leg – what’s left of it anyway – followed by a wool sock, I slide the prosthetic limb over top. It takes a bit of wrestling before the damn thing finally cooperates and I feel it click into place.

“What’s wrong?”

She always watches me.


“You’re such a liar.”

Apparently, she can read my mind too.

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WEEK 22: Thunder rolls in the distance

Prompted by: Ben Mariner

As thunder rolls in the distance…

My heart aches.

I can’t imagine the demons haunting his dreams. I can’t even fathom the horror he must be reliving. The only thing I know is that he’s still battling something. And it’s tearing him apart.

It tears me apart too.

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