WEEK 19: If that’s the case…

Prompted by: Laura Larios


God help me…

“I’ve missed you.”

It’s been over ten goddamn years and that’s the first thing she says to me? I’ve missed you? Really??

“Tom,” my name rolls off her tongue again.

As if it’s the most natural thing in the world. As if it belongs there and nowhere else.

Dear God, please help me…

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WEEK 18: Little did he know…

Prompted by: Mary Ellen


It took more than just his legs. So much more. It stole the man I loved. A piece of my heart.

Okay, that’s a complete and utter lie.

It stole the man I still love. Ripped out my entire heart. Left behind a raw, gaping hole I’ve never been able to fill.

I hate Iraq.

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WEEK 14: “Please,” she begged.

Prompted by: Nicky

I was halfway out the door.


I was halfway out of her life.

“Please,” she begged.

I was halfway out of my goddamn mind.

“Just stop.”

And I had zero intention of stopping.

Not this time.

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