On Friday, the lovely Miss Amy said:

Isn’t this the best thing ever???? Lol, you should do a flash fiction based on the premise of the idea. What did she/he reply back??”

Why, yes. Yes, it is. Not to mention, I adore this woman something fierce sooo…

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Yesterday, the lovely Jane Jago said:

Annie I got a question. All of a sudden and apropos of nothing I’m getting ads for ‘wet ceramic lube’.

I dunno what the fu** that might even be. Assuming it ain’t a sex aid for androids…

I’m asking you and CB. If you have any ideas.

Or is it maybe a story prompt?”

My best guess? That her assumption was right on the money…

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WEEK 25: Wait a minute…

 Prompted by: Laura

CALE: (shows up on set) Hey, I’m the first character here!

AUTHOR: You’re always the first one to arrive, buddy.

C: Wait a minute…

A: (looks nervous) What?

C: I thought it was Tom’s day to shoot. Why am I here?

A: (looks more nervous)

C: Something happened, didn’t it?

A: (looks even more nervous)

C: Tell me.

A: (sighs) Hart of His came out today.

C: (raises brow) Isn’t that a good thing?

A: Yeah…

C: Did nobody preorder it?

A: Actually, we had over 300 preorders…

C: That’s great!

A: No, that’s the problem…

C: (frowns) You f*cked up the file somehow, didn’t you?

A: (sniffles)

C: And now a sh*tload of readers have it on their Kindles.

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WEEK 13: It’s been a pleasure doing business…

Prompted by: Matt

This woman is gonna be the death of me.

All I wanted to do was list the damn house. All I wanted to do was get a good offer. All I wanted to do was finalize the divorce. All I wanted to do was move on with my life. And now…

I might be done for.

Because all I want is her.

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