Yesterday, the lovely Jane Jago said:

Annie I got a question. All of a sudden and apropos of nothing I’m getting ads for ‘wet ceramic lube’.

I dunno what the fu** that might even be. Assuming it ain’t a sex aid for androids…

I’m asking you and CB. If you have any ideas.

Or is it maybe a story prompt?”

My best guess? That her assumption was right on the money…

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WEEK 25: Wait a minute…

 Prompted by: Laura

CALE: (shows up on set) Hey, I’m the first character here!

AUTHOR: You’re always the first one to arrive, buddy.

C: Wait a minute…

A: (looks nervous) What?

C: I thought it was Tom’s day to shoot. Why am I here?

A: (looks more nervous)

C: Something happened, didn’t it?

A: (looks even more nervous)

C: Tell me.

A: (sighs) Hart of His came out today.

C: (raises brow) Isn’t that a good thing?

A: Yeah…

C: Did nobody preorder it?

A: Actually, we had over 300 preorders…

C: That’s great!

A: No, that’s the problem…

C: (frowns) You f*cked up the file somehow, didn’t you?

A: (sniffles)

C: And now a sh*tload of readers have it on their Kindles.

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WEEK 13: It’s been a pleasure doing business…

Prompted by: Matt

This woman is gonna be the death of me.

All I wanted to do was list the damn house. All I wanted to do was get a good offer. All I wanted to do was finalize the divorce. All I wanted to do was move on with my life. And now…

I might be done for.

Because all I want is her.

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WEEK 12: “Ugh,” she groaned.

Prompted by: Laura

“Ugh,” she groaned. “I can’t do this.”

“Of course, you can.”

Removing the helmet, she tossed it to the ground. “I’m backing out.”

“You never back out.”

“Just watch me,” she challenged, pointing a finger in my face.

Which I snatched out of mid-air. “C’mon, Slim…”

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WEEK 11: Sometimes I wonder…

Prompted by: Cat

The crazy author says: As an extra challenge this week, I decided to make every line a “prompt”. At first, I kinda sorta failed. But now I got em all to 7 words or less. At least I hope I did hahaha!!

Sometimes I wonder…

Because you’re gorgeous.

So damn gorgeous.

It takes my breath away.

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