WEEK 49: Watch him die

Prompted by: Matthew Williams

The crazy author says: I brutally murdered the unexplained insta-something-or-other. Tee hee.

A tremor runs through my body as rough, possessive hands tunnel into my hair.

He growls against my mouth and suddenly…

Holy shit.

I’m being consumed.

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WEEK 48: If you only knew

Prompted by: Jane Blythe

The crazy author says: Okay, this is waaay more insta-lust/attraction/something-or-other than I typically allow my characters but what the hey? Unexplained feelings FTW haha!

“Walk the line, hm?”


“Sounds dangerous.”

“If you only knew.”

I tiptoe my fingers along the edge of his belt. “Not knowing is half the fun.”

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WEEK 45: Don’t apologize

Prompted by: Murlene Crowley

The crazy author says: Perhaps my edge has returned a bit. Still much, muuuch duller than Slim & Izzy though…

I battle my way through the sea of sticky, sweaty bodies and locate a free piece of real estate on the disgusting dance floor before I turn around and realize I lost him.

Of course.


Cringing, I’m about to make my way back toward the bar when my legs are suddenly taken out from under me.

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WEEK 44: Kill me now

Prompted by: Tiara Giles

The crazy author says: I’ve lost my edge, y’all. I’ve gone cute and sappy and sweet like an overdose of Cadbury Mini Eggs (which I freakin’ luuurve, btw!)

When he doesn’t reply, I give Goldilocks a second tug before releasing the sun-spun strands and sliding off my stool. As my spiked stilettos hit the ground, he still hasn’t moved a muscle. Which is a real shame since he has plenty to choose from.

“I’m leaving,” I say. “Are you coming with?”

He appears to have turned to stone. In fact, I’m convinced he’s stopped breathing entirely. Makes perfect sense. Gargoyles don’t tend to breathe while in stone form.

Okay, maybe he’s not rock-solid everywhere.

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WEEK 43: One kiss, as soft as a sigh

Prompted by: Jane Jago

The crazy author says: No idea why these are so short now hahaha…haha…ha?

“Am I dead?” he asks.

“Not yet, you’re not.”

His voice lowers, “I might still die then.”

“Hmm, that depends.”

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WEEK 42: Click, click, bang

Prompted by: The Genre Minx

The crazy author says: This little bugger is super short but it was the perfect place to stop so, umm, forgive me?

He searches my gaze before murmuring, “Would you like me to join you?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

Something hardens behind his baby blues.

I can’t pinpoint the reason but whatever it is, I want them to soften again.

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WEEK 41: I can’t

Prompted by: AnRo

The crazy author says: I’m having mad withdrawals now that Slim & Izzy are done. No joke. So to NOT make myself feel any better cuz apparently, I enjoy self-inflicted torture, I’m taking a perfectly angsty prompt and turning it into a cute and fluffy little romance scene for ya…

I frown at the Heineken. Disgusting turpentine-type shit right there. “I didn’t order this.”

The bartender smirks and walks away without a word.

“No, I did.”

I shiver at the deep, rumbly, fuck-me-now voice and stare down at my Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred. Classy James Bond-type shit right here. “I don’t drink beer.”

“I noticed.”


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