WEEK 77: Cross stitch or blanket stitch?

Prompted by: Tracey Rice

The crazy author says: I also snuck in Miss Jeri’s suggestion cuz, uhhh, she asked 😘

Approaching with caution, I snatch a towel from the rack and apply pressure to the wound. Gunshot, of course. No surprise there. My hands are trembling. I’m nervous. No surprise there either.

This is too close for comfort.

“Cross stitch or blanket stitch?” he asks.


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WEEK 76: Do you need help?

Prompted by: Sam

The crazy author says: Well, this bugger’s really short. Like, reeeally short 😅 (this is my new favorite emoji LOL).

I flinch as he reaches for me.

“Sorry,” he says, his knuckles grazing my cheek. “That was uncalled for.”

And then he’s gone.

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WEEK 75: Sick and Twisty

Prompted by: Yamna

The crazy author says: Just realized I scheduled this bugger for the wrong day 😅 Pretty sure the email is scheduled wrong too 😅😅😅 Shall fix that when I get home tonight. Yeahhh…

There’s no point in arguing.

I can’t win because he’s right. I’m not a good liar. I probably couldn’t win if he was wrong. I’m bad at lying and worse at debating. Would’ve made for a shitty politician. Dealing with problems isn’t my forte.

I much prefer avoiding them altogether.

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WEEK 74: Apologize

Prompted by: Ember-Raine Winters

The crazy author says: I had this scheduled for tomorrow by accident. Genius, eh? 🤓 A huge THANK YOUUU to the lovely Miss Jess for letting me know 😘

I wish I had an extra set of hands.

Or a dozen extra sets.

It’s no easy feat dragging an overfilled suitcase up a flight of stairs with a passed out four-year-old on your hip. I actually do pretty well though. I manage to reach the top before my grip gives out and our luggage goes tumbling.

It doesn’t go quietly either.


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