WEEK 46: The bad boy you just can’t forget

Prompted by: Sandra Portillo

The crazy author says: No idea where I’m going with this but we’re going, going, gone…

As the low hum of his invite lulls me further into submission, I struggle to stay afloat, desperate to keep my head above water. Before I get sucked under and drown, I need him to, “Tell me your name first.”

“Tech,” he answers and squeezes me tighter, making my ribs creak. “Yours?”



I resist the urge to gasp for air.

His thumb presses against my mouth and tugs downward, parting my lips. The simple action sets each cell on fire, strips every nerve completely raw, extracting a moan from my throat. I can’t stop it. I don’t even try. The anticipation is unbearable. I know he’s about to kiss me…

I’m wrong.

He leans away instead and searches my gaze with a guarded expression, icicles forming in the depths of the ocean. His words turn cold as well, “Is Julia your real name?”

Shivering from the sudden blizzard, I barely manage to nod.

“Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not,” I reply breathlessly.

He gently traces my cupid’s bow. “Good.”

Some men get under your skin.

Few men stay under your skin.

And then there are those who start off under your skin. Lying dormant from the very beginning. Waiting patiently for the perfect moment to surface. Ready to fuck up your life with all sorts of trouble.

The bad boy you just can’t forget.

Well, I can tell this one’s mine.

Too dangerous to handle. Too damaged to abandon.

“Is Tech your real name?” I ask.

His eyes slowly thaw to reveal something unexpected. Something disarming. Something heart-wrenching. Something so damn…


Even slower, he shakes his head.

“Oh.” I can’t think of anything else to say.

“Is that a problem?”


Of course, it’s a problem. I should be running in the other direction. As fast as humanly possible. I’d be clinically insane not to and yet…

I don’t.

I won’t.

I can’t.

“No.” Reaching up to wrap my fingers around his wrists, I smile. I know it’s too late. There’s no use fighting the inevitable. I’m already in too deep. “It’s not a problem.”


What’s the prompt for next week, guys?

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13 thoughts on “WEEK 46: The bad boy you just can’t forget

    1. Tech: (grins)
      Ann: What?
      T: She likes me.
      A: (rolls eyes)
      T: A lot.
      A: Why are all my heroes so cocky?
      T: Dunno. You write us.
      A: (shrugs)

      Translation: So glad you’re enjoying! Thank YOU for reading!! 😘

  1. This story is so cute! Love it!
    Prompt: walk the line. (I have no idea why that particular phrase popped in my head today! Lol!)

  2. As always I enjoy this a little too much… as in… more. Give me more. Always!!!! Seriously it’s a special kind of torture…

    Why now?
    I’ll tell you mine if…
    It’s not about that.
    That damn hand…
    Because he couldn’t.

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