A day in the life of an Annie Arcane cover…

Last night I dreamt this:

Then woke up to see this:

And was suddenly like this:

Before everything went dark:

And I experienced pain:

Unimaginable pain:

Now I’m like this:

Because I realize you see this:

But she’s really more like this:

The days are grueling.
The nights are torture.
Yet, I will never leave.

I love my Mistress.
I know she feels the same.
And only wants the best for me.


Or is it #5,029? Can’t remember anymore…


But I have a really good feeling about these ones. Like, reeeally good. Well, maybe. Hopefully. Okay, fine. I’ve said that before. Many, many times. Tee hee.


7 thoughts on “A day in the life of an Annie Arcane cover…

  1. Haha, all the little pictures made me laugh all over again even though I already read this!!

    Again, LOVE these current covers so I hope you keep them for a LONG time . . . like FOREVER!!

    1. Haha right? Her name is Miss Bone and she makes me laugh. “Bone” made me LOL just now too. As for the covers, hmm…

      Forever is an awfully loooong time, Princess. Perhaps I can sign a monthly contract…? 😉

      1. I totally went and looked up Miss Bone, there are some hilarious little pictures!!

        Haha, forever is a long time but these covers are just so pretty they have to stay!

  2. Can`t decide which one I like best. Is there a way to get them all? To swap them on my Kindle whenever I want! That would be so awesome! 😉

    1. Ahhh, Miss Sam!!

      *tackle hugs*

      Super duper thrilled you dig them all! Annnd, actually, each one is for a different book so yes’m, you can totally get them on your Kindle at the same time and not even have to switch 😛

      P.S. I think I have the right Sam but if not, I’d totes hug you anyway. Just sayin’. Tee hee.

      1. Thanks so much for your reply! AAAnd the hugs, they are very much appreciated!!
        But obviously I didn`t make myself quite clear, sorry about that.
        Yes I have all of your wonderful books 😉 and all of them came with an awesome cover!
        But I have the old “In A Flash”-Cover, the one with just the faces, but I like the new one,too! The greedy monster in me wants all of them, HeHe! And the same applies to each of the books from the Hart-Series, too!!

        *grins and tackle hugs you right back* 🙂

        P.S. What makes the right Sam the right Sam? I`m a little confused here. Wouldn`t want to take anybodys rightful place!

        1. Man-oh-man…

          What you said made 100% perfect sense. I just had​ ​one of my typical “Huh? Where am I?” moments haha! Thank YOU so much for letting me know you want the new covers and yesss, of course, you can totally get em, Miss Sam!

          – Book 1: Hart Broken

          – Book 2: Hart of His

          – Book 3: Hart of Hers

          Just enter the very last word in Chapter Nine (all lower case) of each book as your discount code so they’ll be free 😎 You’ll have to “purchase” them all separately since it only lets you enter one code at a time, though.

          In a Flash is already free everywhere. Just go HERE and choose your fave retailer. “Direct” is straight from this site. I didn’t know what else to name the little button 😂 But, for reals, please email or message me if you need any help. And thank youuu again!!

          Big hugsss,

          P.S. Any Sam is the right Sam. But in my head, you’re the Sam that used to be a Sue. If you’ve no clue what I’m talking about then ignore my crazy talk and…

          Hiiii!! Nice to meet you, new Sam I’ve never met before!!! 😘

          P.P.S. Sorry for the longest comment in website history hahahaha!

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