WEEK 15: There was nothing left

Prompted by: Aurora

Dear loyal readers,

I dunno what the heck happened, guys. I was happily writing an angst-ridden scene between Cale and Mickey when this week’s prompt totally snuck its way in. The following is a short excerpt from Hart of His. It obviously contains spoilers. Because the whole darn thing is a spoiler. You’ve been warned…

I was sitting on the edge of our bed.

Naked as the day I was born.

The truth is that I’m still not too keen on her seeing my legs. My skinny legs. My ridiculously skinny legs.

I don’t go out of my way to hide them. Not anymore. She sees them all the time. Every single night. It doesn’t bother me. I’m not uncomfortable. I’m just not thrilled about it, okay?

Being fully nude though…

The thought of that still gives me pause. Not the crawl-under-a-rock-and-hide type of anxiety. More like the what-I-wouldn’t-give-for-a-fig-leaf type of unease.

I hate to admit it but I’m still somewhat self-conscious around her. There’s something about not being able to sense her touch that still messes with my head. There’s something about not being able to respond instinctively that still eats away at me.

It’s disheartening. Demoralizing. Emasculating as all hell.

It pisses me off that my body refuses to acknowledge just how fucking gorgeous my girlfriend is.

That it can’t.

Remember the first time you ever had a beautiful woman in your bed only to choke when it came time to perform?

Well, that’s what I do.

That’s who I am.

It’s not so much of an issue during penetrative sex because I feel like my old self again. But some other times, I feel like…


Don’t judge me for having these thoughts. At the end of the day, I’m just a man.

Nothing more.

Anyway, it normally doesn’t matter. Because normally, it’s no big deal. Normally, I just keep my goddamn boxers on. Of course, my body – the functioning half, that is – normally tends to obey my commands as well.

But not tonight.

Tonight, I was ready to fall apart at the fucking seams.

After a dicey transfer back into my wheelchair nearly landed my ass on the shower floor, I didn’t have enough energy left to tackle getting dressed. I’d figure out the logistics of that tomorrow.

Not tonight.

Tonight, I was too exhausted to even try.

So, yeah, when she opened the door?

I was sitting on the edge of our bed.

Completely buck-naked.

Tonight, I was worn too thin to care.

I watched as she bypassed me and disappeared around the corner, heading into the kitchen. Minutes later, she returned to set a glass of water and two small pills down on the nightstand. Then turned to leave without so much as a glance in my direction.


Tonight, I was ready to crumble.

“Don’t go.”



I had nothing left.

Hell, I was so fucking spent that when she finally stepped close enough, I didn’t even attempt to hold myself upright. Instead, I collapsed forward with a shaky groan, sinking the full weight of my torso into her tiny little frame.

Unyielding, she accepted the burden. Solid. Sturdy. Strong. She didn’t move. She didn’t even budge. Not one bit. Just wrapped her arms around me and held us both there.

It was a really long time before she buried her face into my hair and whispered, “You scared me too, Cale.”

It was even longer before I managed to murmur back, “I know.”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

34 thoughts on “WEEK 15: There was nothing left

  1. OHH, Miss Ann!! That was so damn good!!!! Seriously. Oh my lord, I cannot even formulate a proper sentence here. But uh. Check your email for two little thangs(:

    She kissed it…
    I flinched instinctively…
    His lips grazed my skin…
    The room suddenly felt like a furnace.

  2. Thank you for this window into your new story. I can’t wait to read the whole story. You have an amazing way of getting underneath to the bare emotions going through your characters’ minds.

  3. Oh my god Ann. I love this SO much. Like I’m not already dying for Hart of His. Then you give us a delicious little taste?? Half of me says more please! And the other half doesn’t want to spoil any part of it. I will be re-reading this all day.

    1. Miss Beth!!

      *gives you a big-squeezy-too-tight-can’t-breathe hug*

      I love that you love it. And I did keep on writing this scene. So there’s quite a bit more. Just saying 😉

      More hugs,

  4. Cale…. I just love that man… That was such a tease:)


    We’re in this together.
    “It’s so hot in here,” she moaned. (yeah, that one is inspired because I am really hot sitting here. Where’s a fan?)

  5. I loved to read about Cale and Mickey again, I love them!
    I would love it even more to trade places with Mickey 😉
    Thank you for this little taste of how their story will continue!

    My prompts:
    Stop it right there!
    Are you afraid of the dark?
    I am so nervous.
    Oops, clumsy me!

    1. Dear Miss Cat,

      We are pleased to inform you that Cale is now available for rent. Visit our website for more information and hourly rates. Thank you.

      Mickey Inc.

      (Totally kidding! Mickey’s far too possessive to ever rent out her man. Unless they break up or something MUHAHAHAHAAAA!!)

  6. I had a genuine “ah-ha” moment when he revealed why his legs were so skinny. The pain and insecurity is palpable in this one!

  7. I can’t even… I mean that’s just mean right there.
    Now…WOW. Loved it,each and every word. This was a good prompt for sure!

    He just didn’t…
    Can’t that be enough?
    Um, vanilla?
    Watch it, lady!
    Well, hello to you too then…

  8. I got my comment in, you can’t say I didn’t! And here are my seven words:

    “What is the worst thing you’ve endured?”

  9. Wow. That was pretty revealing for Cale, and not just because he was naked…
    *hugs Cale*
    It was a double whammy.
    The physical pain, tolerable. Emotional pain, intolerable.
    He held her tightly.
    Her eyes spoke for her.
    He stared at the equipment and loathed it.
    There was a gentleness to his touch.
    “You’re an ass!” she retorted!
    He stared as the sun set.
    Angrily, he knocked everything off the shelf.
    She was shocked by the news.
    “Again?” She sighed.

    1. After a quick chat, Mickey and I agreed that his pants had to go 😉

      Thank you, Miss Lesley! I’m glad it hit you in the feels 😀 And your suggestions are both awesome and bountiful, as always…

      Big hugs,

      P.S. – This prompt: “He stared at the equipment and loathed it.”

      Oh, you know my mind went there. Tee hee.

      1. Of course, you went there, of course, you did, haha! Now I kinda want to give you a few more prompts that are, shall we say, open to interpretation? I’m afraid some will end up too on the nose, but, oh well!
        Would this tool work?
        “Can you dance?”
        “Is it broken?” she asked worriedly.
        He looked at the broken parts, dejectedly.
        You, ropes and an ER visit, what?
        You and I, in the back, now.
        My tool works just fine!
        Are you looking at my equipment?
        Hope you know how to work it.
        It just needs batteries.

        1. Backdoor’s broken, come to the front.
          I haven’t seen that before.
          How is that going to work?
          Insert tab A into slot B?
          Are you sure this is okay?
          I’m adventurous, but this gives me pause.

  10. I’m still getting used to the new ways of accessing the stories, so I’m a little late… But ohmygoodness. Cale and Mickey. And, ohmygoodness. That ending!! I love it, of course, but why? What? How? Augh!

    Anyyyyway. Prompts –
    Apparently he has a girlfriend?
    How’d you guess?
    Oh he’s going…
    She squealed and clapped her hands.

    1. Hahaha, Miss Laura!

      I’m so happy you loved all the angst. Ya know I can’t resist, eh? 😉 And thank you for the fantastic prompts too!


      P.S. – Don’t worry about being late! It’s totally my fault for ALWAYS changing stuff 😛

  11. Too late to this party and everything that I would have said has been said already. Anyway I’ll repeat one bit – can’t wait for the whole story being published!
    Thank you!

    1. Tee hee, Miss Haddie!

      You’re too sweet! I’m happy to raise questions in your mind too cuz I’m a meanie that way 😛


      P.S. – C & M love you too. They really, really do.

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