WEEK 54: Trust me?

Prompted by: Sam

The crazy author says: Umm, I got nothing haha!

Even though I know the answer, I have no other choice but to ask, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” she lies.

It rolls so easily off her tongue I think she actually believes herself. Even worse, I almost believe her too. I’m crossing into dangerous territory where returning isn’t an option. There’s no second-guessing. No escape route. No turning back.

It doesn’t matter.

I want her. I’ve wanted her for months. The constant ache in my heart and my head and my goddamn bones tells me I’ll always want her. Because she’s already mine. Ever since I laid eyes on her, she’s belonged to me and me alone.

I have absolutely zero fucks to give about anything else.

Her husband’s irrelevant.

His fate was sealed the moment he laid his hands on her. The instant his knuckles made contact with her skin…

He’s been a dead man walking.

I pull her close and wrap my arms around her waist with a groan, “Jules.”


Burying my face into her breasts, my voice is muffled, “Brady Lucas.”

She presses a kiss into my hair. “Who’s that?”

I take a deep breath, inhaling the woman into my lungs, and lean away to look up at her. Only then do I realize just how fucked I am.

Completely, utterly, hopelessly fucked.

All I can say is, “Me.”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys?

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

23 thoughts on “WEEK 54: Trust me?

  1. Oh we know his real name! Yay! I love knowing the characters names! And great flash fiction!

    Prompt suggestion
    I can’t move, I’m hurt

    1. Haha, Princess J! I’m not even sure I love his name (cuz you know I’m anal retentive about names) so he might have to go into witness protection or something. Just for the alias 😛

      And thank youuuu!!!


              1. A nice brother! Sweet, and kind, and you can give him a girlfriend named Jane! Haha!

      1. Nope didn’t miss it just giving you my order for what I’m wanting! He can’t be the grumpy one he has to be the sweet one because I like sweet! Haha!

          1. Haha, okay Gabriel can be a little broody but its just to hide how sweet he is underneath, because yeah I don’t want a Drew or a Connor!

  2. Awesome, I feel so honored that you chose my promt!
    I really like this story!

    – Are you sure this thing will fly?
    – Don`t tell me you are related!
    – Does this belong to you?

    1. Miss Sam!!!

      Sooo happy you dug what came outta your fantabulous prompt!! Thank you and thank you annnd I really like those suggestions 😀 😀 😀


  3. Well hello there 😁

    Another good one this week, can’t believe it took me til 9pm to get a chance to read it!!! I love these two!! 😙

    Hmmm prompts…
    – Too hard to choose
    – Let’s get out of here
    – I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee (I so do love it!)

    Look forward to next week


    J x

    1. Apparently I cannot count to 7! And cannot stick to the rules of the game 😣

      New and improved prompt – Love the smell if freshly brewed coffee

    2. Well, hello to you too *flirty wink*

      I’m delighted you’re enjoying these two. I’ve no idea what’s gonna happen to em but I dig em too haha! And I dig your prompts!! Thank you!!!


      P.S. Pfft! Who needs to count when you have awesomeness on your side? 😉

      P.P.S. I also love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Ahhh, source of life…

  4. Love this! And the lovely commentary between you and Jane. Just give her what she wants😉 Lol

    Prompt: Let’s play ball!

    1. Awww, Miss Amanda!

      Thank youuu!!! And yes, I reckon a broody-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside hero can’t be that difficult to whip up, right? *nervous laugh* LOVE the prompt!!!!


  5. As always… amazing! I love this, love these characters.

    And I was home
    It was too dark
    You’re gonna hate me but…

  6. Love love love!!! As always it was awesome! Super excited to learn his real name!!!
    Prompt: Oh my God, he found me!
    Meh you know I’m no good at this prompt suggestion thing lol!!

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