WEEK 50: Two can play this game

Prompted by: Shades_of_kb

The crazy author says: I’m gonna try killing this story off in 2 more weeks cuz it’ll be exactly 52 weeks and my OCD is all like, “Ann, you gotta end the 1-year anniversary of writing flash fiction with a complete storyline for no good reason.” Yeahhh…


I’m being tortured.

Some sick bastard is going to town on the back of my skull with a sledgehammer. I know I’m dying. My brain is bleeding profusely. Hemorrhaging uncontrollably. The pressure builds and builds with each subsequent impact…




My head feels about ready to explode.

“What the fuck were you thinking?”

Well, knock me over with a feather. I’m not being tortured. I’m not even tied up. I’m in a pretty comfy bed and the sick bastard with a sledgehammer is just some dude who won’t keep his voice down. A voice I don’t recognize.

“Have you completely lost your mind? Or do you have a fucking death wish?”

Ugh. Please make him stop.

“Relax,” says another dude, whose voice I don’t recognize either. At least the second dude’s not screaming.

Dude One, on the other hand, continues channeling his inner banshee, “Don’t tell me to relax! He could’ve gotten us all killed! And for what? A piece of ass?”

Hey. I take offense to that.

Dude Two, “Ah, come on now. You gotta admit she’s a fine piece of ass.”

Dude One snorts, “Yeah, smokin’ hot pussy he can’t even fuck.”

“Shut up.”

Whoa. Hold the phone.

I recognize Dude Three.


That fucker. I’m gonna kill that fucker.

Dude Two chuckles, “Ouch. Low blow, man.”

Dude One, “Who cares? He can’t feel it anyway.”

Dude Two busts out laughing.

Dude One still isn’t amused, “Seriously, though, what the hell are we supposed to do with the damn girl?”

Dude Two, “I can think of a few things.”

A feral dog starts growling. Wait, it’s Tech, “Nobody lays a finger on her.”

My stomach flutters.

Dude One, the grump, “Your fingers still work.”

Dude Two, the comedian, “Inside her then?”

Tech, the loyal mutt, “Only if she behaves.”

Oh, hell, no. Hell to the fuck, no.

Two can play this game.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys?

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

17 thoughts on “WEEK 50: Two can play this game

      1. I can’t decide if I like Tech and Julia, or Slim and Izzy better, I think they’re both going to need a book!

        Thought I’d go with a cutesy prompt this week

  1. Awesome story I absolutely love this story line!
    You’re awake!
    I’m gonna kill you!

  2. Loving this story line! I wanna play too
    First poor attempt of prompt suggestion:
    You wish.

    1. Eeek, Miss América!

      Welcome to da game (cuz ‘the game’ doesn’t sound as boss haha)!! That is a pretty awesome sauce prompt if you ask me 😉 Thank you!!

      Big hugs,

  3. Prompt: Deberías retroceder, ahora mismo!

    Prompt Translation: You should back down, right now!

    Thought maybe you’d want to spice things up with a second language 🙂

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