WEEK 25: Wait a minute…

 Prompted by: Laura

CALE: (shows up on set) Hey, I’m the first character here!

AUTHOR: You’re always the first one to arrive, buddy.

C: Wait a minute…

A: (looks nervous) What?

C: I thought it was Tom’s day to shoot. Why am I here?

A: (looks more nervous)

C: Something happened, didn’t it?

A: (looks even more nervous)

C: Tell me.

A: (sighs) Hart of His came out today.

C: (raises brow) Isn’t that a good thing?

A: Yeah…

C: Did nobody preorder it?

A: Actually, we had over 300 preorders…

C: That’s great!

A: No, that’s the problem…

C: (frowns) You f*cked up the file somehow, didn’t you?

A: (sniffles)

C: And now a sh*tload of readers have it on their Kindles.

A: (breaks down into tears)

C: (rolls eyes) Oh, stop being so dramatic.

A: (sobs uncontrollably)

C: Amazon will fix it soon.

A: (ugly cries)

C: (holds out candy dish) Here, have a Skittle.

A: (peers up) Are there red ones?

C: (winks) Of course.

A: (smiles a bit) Thanks.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

23 thoughts on “WEEK 25: Wait a minute…

  1. Hahahahaha!!!!! Love it, Mistress Ann!!!!! Tooooo funny!!!!! And we still love you bunches even with the messed up file!!!!!

    Prompt suggestion . . .

  2. Awww literally laughed out loud with this one. I will admit to being very confused about the book last night, but figured it was my brain being suuuper tired and decided to try again this morning. Now I know it wasn’t my brain. Whew. Or maybe it still was… Hmmmm.
    Anyyyway. Glad my prompt fit 😉

    Prompts —
    Thanks for coming.
    Hold on just a second.
    Just tell me why.

    1. Hahahahaha, Miss Laura!

      I can’t believe you thought it was you!! I know my writing is pretty whacked but it’s not THAT whacked, right? Riiiight?

      *looks nervous again*

      Thank youuu!


      1. “Whacked” is definitely not a word I would use to describe your writing. Now my brain on the other hand…? Yeahhhh
        Loved the book, but it was waaay too short for my liking! Definitely can’t wait for the next one!!

        1. C’mon now, Miss (reader) Laura…

          That first embarrassing-as-shizz version was legit whacked LMAO!! It really was short, eh? I’d planned for three novellas of that length but honestly? I struggled a bit with the pacing and how to add just enough so people wouldn’t be like “Uhhh, what’s happening??” 😛

          All that aside, I adore you. Have I mentioned that lately?

    1. We (amazon and I) are having some issues with the formatting so they didn’t “push” it yet. Had to republish it and they’ll check once it’s live (should be in 3 hours) then they should *fingers crossed* push it. For sure today, though! Sorry for the wait!!!

      1. Ok good to know it’s still coming.

        I actually was happy to read the broken version – a) maybe I like my stories like I like my heroes? and b) it’s sort of like extra bonus content!

        Then I get to read the new book tonight!

        1. Hahaha, Miss Beth! You are stupendously amazeballs!!

          It’s for sure coming. It’s just currently in “queue”. Amazon is being really slow (has never taken me this long to republish before) so if you’d like an epub or mobi version now, just send me an email 😉

    1. Awww, Miss Tanya! Thank you so much!!

      And yes, the correct version was updated last night (I believe around 6pm EST?) but Amazon didn’t automatically replace the file like they were supposed to. Instead, they sent out a notification and now readers have to actually go into their account and choose to have it updated 🙁

      Please send me an email if you’d prefer a mobi copy. I can sent one right to your Kindle. Easy peasey.

      Again, so sorry about this!! And thank you so much for sticking with me!!!


      1. Got it. Devoured it. Loved it. Reading it again. And again and again.

        It’s amazing Ann. I love it so much.

        Ummm when’s the next one coming out again? 😉

        1. Awww, Miss Beth! Thank you so much!!!

          Sooo freakin’ happy you loved it!! Sorry you had to read all that other nonsensical weirdness, errr, weird nonsense (that sounds better LOL). As for the next one…

          I’ve actually been writing it for NaNoWriMo so it’s probably not gonna be too, too long of a wait. Although, I’ll be scrapping a ton of content, as usual. I mean, you already read a couple chapters I scrapped from book one…in the messed up file for book two 😛


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