WEEK 49: Watch him die

Prompted by: Matthew Williams

The crazy author says: I brutally murdered the unexplained insta-something-or-other. Tee hee.

A tremor runs through my body as rough, possessive hands tunnel into my hair.

He growls against my mouth and suddenly…

Holy shit.

I’m being consumed.

Painfully. Forcefully. Desperately.

As if he’s been waiting a lifetime for this moment. As if I’ve always been his to reclaim. As if I’m the only one who can give him air.

He just keeps taking and taking and taking until my head spins. And damn it all, but I want to give him every last breath in my lungs.


A strangled sound escapes my throat as I tear myself away. God, it hurts. Like ripping off a Band-Aid drenched in superglue, encased in fucking cement.

I can’t do this.

“Wait.” My plea is weak. I really need it not to be. “Wait.”

Panting quietly, his breath ghosts over mine, “Jules…”

I press a finger to his lips. I’m trembling. He’s confused as shit. There’s no time to explain. “You have to get out of here.”

His expression is exposed, vulnerable, the question muffled against my touch, “What?”

I can’t just watch him die.

Grasping the front of his t-shirt where his ribcage guards his heart, I whisper, “They’re going to kill you.”

He doesn’t react whatsoever.

“Please, Tech,” my voice cracks with panic, “you have to…”

The warning is smothered by another kiss.

Softer. Gentler. Unbearably tender.

Something cold pricks my neck, making me gasp.

He quickly smothers that too before pulling back with a warm smile and even warmer words, “I know, Jules.”

Blue eyes go blurry.

Holy mother-fucking shit.

The world goes black.

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12 thoughts on “WEEK 49: Watch him die

  1. Oooo, the dark side as appeared once again! Very nice!


    Please stop crying.
    You take my breath away.
    Is it hot in here?

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