Yesterday, the lovely Jane Jago said:

Annie I got a question. All of a sudden and apropos of nothing I’m getting ads for ‘wet ceramic lube’.

I dunno what the fu** that might even be. Assuming it ain’t a sex aid for androids…

I’m asking you and CB. If you have any ideas.

Or is it maybe a story prompt?”

My best guess? That her assumption was right on the money…

Dude 1: Why are you buying that?

Dude 2: She’s starting to chafe again.

D1: (squints at sticker price) D*mn, sh*t’s expensive!

D2: (shrugs) Don’t have much of a choice unless I want my d*ck to fall off.

D1: Yeah, but why don’t you just use regular lube?

D2: (whips out CC and pays) Already tried that, buddy.

D1: And?

D2: (sighs) She called me cheap and removed her own battery pack.

D1: (laughs) I like her spunk.

D2: Me too. Hence the overpriced lube.

D1: Anything for good p*ssy, eh?

D2: (smirks and goes home to Anndroid 2000)

Turns out wet ceramic lube is just the stuff you spray on bicycle chains. A pretty big letdown, if you ask me. Then again, it might work in an erotic novel about androids and BDSM. Just sayin’.




P.S. All the asterisks are cuz we were originally on Goodreads and censored ourselves like proper, respectable little girls 😉

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