WEEK 40: Who knew tears could burn?

Prompted by: Jane Jago

WARNING: This fictional storyline may contain very disturbing situations, dubious consent, and graphic violence.


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“Daddy home!”


It’s too late.

By the time I turn the corner…

“Daddy home! Daddy home!”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

It’s already too late.

The most beautiful little boy in the history of creation is running full tilt toward the most gorgeous man on the face of this entire planet.


I only make it halfway down the hall before I stagger. Halfway down the hall before my knees buckle. Halfway down the hall before my heart stutters and our carefully constructed reality disintegrates into magical fucking faerie dust.

Because my idiot husband does the unthinkable.

He sacrifices himself.

Without a second thought.

Zero hesitation.

He bends over to scoop up the little boy he loves so much.

On the same day he killed the little girl he’ll never know.

And it breaks him.


I can see it.

Love. Hate. Joy. Sorrow. Pride. Shame. Life. Death.

It’s too much to handle all at once. It’s too heavy a load to carry all alone.

I close the remaining distance between us, desperation cracking my voice, “Give him to me.”

There’s a smile on his lips and tears in his eyes as he passes me our son, who buries a gigantic yawn into the base of my neck. Not a surprise considering it’s well past midnight.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper, so incredibly fucking sorry. “I didn’t realize he was waiting up for you.”

His hands lift to sign, Not your fault.

“Are you okay?”

No. I want to kill myself.

I frown. “That’s not funny.”

I’m not kidding.

Shooting him a glare of daggers, I gnash my teeth together. More than ready to give him a piece of my mind. Fully prepared to rip him a new one.

But I don’t get the chance.

The asshole curbs my tongue with the softest kiss, barely even touching his mouth to mine. Then drops to his knees and grabs me by the hips, kissing the massive swell of my belly. Before he wraps his arms around us both and finally crumbles at my feet.

There’s nothing I can do.

Nothing I can do as he completely falls apart. Nothing I can do as silent sobs ransack his body. Nothing I can fucking do as his pain and agony sear through the feeble armor of my nightgown.

Who knew tears could burn?

As my skin begins to blister, there’s not a damn thing I can do except weave my fingers into his hair and say…

“I love you, Slim.”


What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

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29 thoughts on “WEEK 40: Who knew tears could burn?

  1. Aww!!!!! More of Slim and Izzy!!!!! You just made my day, Mistress Ann!!!!!

    Prompt suggestion –
    I wish I hated you

      1. I can’t even concentrate on what to write for my flash fiction because I’m still too excited about yours!!

        1. Ah, you’re too freakin’ sweet!

          Wanna laugh? ( No idea why I always ask this when I just keep on talking 😛 ) I don’t like writing “real” HEAs, so crap just goes on-and-on forever LMAO!!

              1. Which I am super glad about!! And now I look forward to reading the complete book of Slim and Izzy’s story!!

  2. Haha, you can cheat all you wish, and yeah you gotta think of a legit plot cos Princess Jane is waiting patiently!! Well, she’s not really waiting patiently, but she IS waiting!! And she IS gonna stop talking about herself in third person now!!

      1. Haha, Mistress Ann should be in bed already! Princess Jane is going to bed in fifteen minutes and you know she doesn’t like to go to bed before you!!

        Okay, I’m seriously gonna stop filling your page up with silliness now!

              1. Haha, my flash fiction is done and I’m going to bed, I hope you’re asleep already!

  3. This. This right here… I can’t even. I just… nope. Yeah. Love.
    Ok now that coherent thought has returned, prompts

    Please shut it off

    Is there a question there?

    Just one night

    Leave it

    I can’t

  4. Wow! I’m like a ball of tears between you and Princess Jane making me cry today! Excellent:)

    Red as a lobster.
    Your love is killing me. (Angsty enough?)

    1. *squeals in excitement*
      *gathers fresh-fallen tears*

      Now we can power our Darkside Spaceship, the DSS 🙂 No, I’ve not a clue what I’m saying right now. And yes, that is definitely angsty 😉 Thank you muchly!!!


    1. Kevin the Koala: That’s rude!
      Author: Huh?
      K: “Get bent!” is a rude thing to say.
      A: What about the creepy prompt?
      K: (shrugs) That one’s fine.
      A: (snickers)
      K: What?
      A: It’s inspired by you.
      K: That’s so rude!
      A: But true.
      K: (frowns inwardly since botox doesn’t allow him to frown outwardly)

      Thank you, Miss Ember! 😉


      1. Hahaha I was totally thinking about Kevin when I came up with that prompt!!! 😂😂😂

  5. Awwwwww Sliiiiiiimmmm!!!! *heart shapes*

    Prompt: Sweet, Sweet Misery

    i think i like reading the word sweet. I have no idea why haha.

    1. Izzy: Honey?
      Slim: (looks up)
      I: Are you collecting all the heart shapes again?
      S: (nods)
      I: That’s very, umm, sweet of you.
      S: (shrugs)
      I: You’re such a pansy.
      S: (sighs)

      Translation: Thank you muchly for the prompt, Miss Tiara!!


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