WEEK 30: You stealthy little bitch

Prompted by: Leto

It’s been a month since I’ve seen the asshole.

A whole month since he buried his favorite blade deep inside my shoulder.

Then kissed me.

Then spun me around, slammed me down against the trunk of his Wraith, pushed up my skirt, forced my legs apart, ripped off my panties…

And buried his cock deep inside my pussy.

It’s been a whole damn month since he fucked me unconscious.

Yeah, I passed out mid-fuck. That’s never happened before in my life. But it makes perfect sense when you take into account the whole stabbing incident. Not to mention, he’s never fucked me that hard before. And nobody fucks as hard as he does, to begin with.


“You stealthy little bitch.”

Although I must admit this arrogant bastard comes in a close second. Pun most definitely intended.

“We all thought you were dead.”

He fucks pretty hard too.

“Losing you nearly destroyed him, Iz.”

A guilt trip? A damn guilt trip?

Well, that’s rich, coming from this piece of shit.

Real fucking rich.

“Speaking of my husband,” I finally muttered into the darkness, “where is the asshole anyway?”

A soft chuckle and then, quietly, “The asshole is fighting for his life.”


“Unless he already lost.”

My mouth went dry as I reached for the nightstand. Switching on the lamp, I took one look at my brother-in-law and blanched.

He was leaning casually against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest, looking irresistibly sexy in a full tuxedo.

Which was completely covered in blood.

I didn’t have to ask whom it belonged to.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

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7 thoughts on “WEEK 30: You stealthy little bitch

  1. Wow! The mystery keeps going…quit keeping me in suspense! 😭

    Prompt: Turn on the light.
    Don’t turn on the light.
    What are you doing?

    1. Haha, Queen Amanda!

      But you love suspense 😉 And just for the record *whispers* I’m being kept in suspense too…


      Thank you so much for the suggestions, my lovely!!


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